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Yugoslav American
Jugoslavenski Amerikanci
Југословенски Американци
Jugoslovanski Američani
Југословенската Американците
Nikola TeslaLouis CukelaIvan Meštrović"Weird Al" Yankovic
Total population
American English, Serbo-Croatian (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin) , Macedonian or Slovene
Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Atheism, Islam

Yugoslav Americans are Americans of full or partial Yugoslav ancestry. In the census of 2000, people who indicated Yugoslav or Yugoslav American as his ethnic origin made up a total of 327,131[1] or 0.1%[citation needed] of total U.S. population. However, according the 2010 US Census, the number of American people whose origins is in Yugoslavia, many of which indicated some specific origin (Serbian, Bosnian, etc...), is of 1,282,897.[2]

People whose origins is in the ancient Yugoslavia, according the 2010 US Census, are the following:


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