Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro

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Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro
Leader Zoran Radošević
Founded 25 September 2009
Headquarters Ulica Slobode 85
Podgorica, Montenegro
Ideology Marxism–Leninism
Political position Far-left
National affiliation Democratic Front
Parliament of Montenegro
0 / 81

Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Jugoslovenska komunistička partija Crne Gore) is a communist political party in Montenegro. The political party was founded on 25 September 2009 as a result of the merger of two political parties: League of Communists of Yugoslavia - Communists of Montenegro and Yugoslav Communists of Montenegro.[1]

During the 2010 municipal elections, Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro gained 1 seat in the Municipal Parliament of Plužine.[2]

The party participated in 2012 parliamentary elections in the coalition "Together", along with the Party of Pensioners, Disabled and Social Justice, but did not achieve parliamentary status, winning 0,38% of votes.

In August 2016, the party joined the right-wing conservative opposition alliance Democratic Front.[3]

Parliamentary elections[edit]

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote  % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Coalition Government
2009 1,594 0.5%
0 / 81
Steady extra-parliamentary
2012 1,384 0.38%
0 / 81
Steady Together extra-parliamentary
2016 77.491 22.8%
0 / 81
Steady DF extra-parliamentary


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