Yugoslavia at the 1972 Summer Paralympics

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Yugoslavia at the
1972 Summer Paralympics
Flag of Yugoslavia (1943–1992).svg
IPC code YUG
in Heidelberg
Competitors 22
Ranked 23rd
Summer Paralympics appearances
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The Republic of Yugoslavia sent a delegation to compete at the 1972 Summer Paralympics in Heidelberg, West Germany. They sent twenty two competitors, fifteen male and seven female.[1]

Disability classifications[edit]

Athletes at the Paralympics in 1972 were all afflicted by spinal cord injuries and required the use of a wheelchair.[2] This is in contrast to later Paralympics that include events for participants that fit into any of five different disability categories; amputation, either congenital or sustained through injury or illness; cerebral palsy; wheelchair athletes; visual impairment, including blindness; Les autres, any physical disability that does not fall strictly under one of the other categories, for example dwarfism or multiple sclerosis.[3][4] Each Paralympic sport then has its own classifications, dependent upon the specific physical demands of competition. Events are given a code, made of numbers and letters, describing the type of event and classification of the athletes competing.[5]


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