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Yuja-cha (yuja tea) and yuja-cheong (yuja marmalade)
Type Herbal tea
Country of origin Korea
Ingredients Yuja-cheong
Korean name
Hangul 유자차
Hanja 柚子茶
Revised Romanization yuja-cha
McCune–Reischauer yuja-ch'a
IPA [ju.dʑa.tɕʰa]

Yuja-cha (유자차; 柚子茶) or yuja tea is a traditional Korean tea made by mixing hot water with yuja-cheong (yuja marmalade).[1]


Occasionally, the term yuja-cha can also be used to refer to the jarred yuja marmalade used to make the tea.[2][3] The drink's name is sometimes translated into "citron tea" or "honey citron tea" in English,[4][5] but yuja and citron are different citrus fruits.


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