Yujiulü Futu

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Yujiulü Futu (Chinese: 郁久閭伏圖; pinyin: Yùjiǔlǘ Fútú ) (died 508) khan of the Rouran (506–508) with the title of Tuohan Khan (佗汗可汗). His era name was Shiping (始平 Shǐpíng). He was the son of Yujiulü Nagai. In 506, he was succeeded his father as khan of the Rouran, but in 508 he was killed in battle by the Gaoche ruler Mi'etu (彌俄突). He was succeeded by his son Yujiulü Chounu.

Preceded by
郁久閭那蓋 Yùjiǔlǘ Nàgài
Khagan of the Rouran
Succeeded by
郁久閭醜奴 Yùjiǔlǘ Chǒunú