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Yukari Hashimoto (橋本 由香利, Hashimoto Yukari) is a Japanese composer and arranger. She has composed the music for a number of anime series, including Toradora!, Omamori Himari,[1] Mayo Chiki!,[2] Kanamemo,[1] MM!,[1] Penguindrum,[3] Yurikuma Arashi,[4] Sankarea: Undying Love,[1] Golden Time,[1] If Her Flag Breaks,[1] Mr. Osomatsu, March Comes in Like a Lion, Sarazanmai,[5][6] and the closing theme "Kanashii Yokan" to Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase.

Reviews of the soundtracks for these anime series have been mixed. A review of Penguindrum considered that "the musical score is a pleasant surprise. [Yukari Hashimoto] brings a sense of magic to the scenes, especially with eerie music box tracks, or full orchestrated melodies. It can also swing in the direction of sounding upbeat when necessary without sounding artificial."[3] The soundtrack of Mayo Chiki!, however, was described as "not bad, but it is not remarkable either. It fulfils its function, and ... has a cheerful and fun tone [and a] simple and lively line ..."[2] Another reviewer said of Yurikuma Arashi, "The score ... doesn't stand out much but adds a surprisingly dark sounding score. The music is offbeat and contributes to the already bizarre style of the series. While the music isn't great it effectively establishes the tone for the series."[4] In Sarazanmai, according to one review, Hashimoto created "a fitting piece for both humorous and dramatic aspects, with each character having several themed songs. The musical component is definitely not an unimportant part of the complete work".[6]

Collaboration with Yukari Tamura includes arranging some tracks on the album Gin no Senritsu, Kioku no Mizuoto.. She composed and arranged the music for the song "Cutie ♥ Cutie" on Yukari Tamura's single Spiritual Garden and the track Princess Rose. She also composed and arranged the music of "Spring Fever" on the album Kohaku no Uta, Hitohira and "Princess Rose" on the album Sincerely Dears....

She also composed 2 tracks from the drama CD ""The Matinée of the Palace" Chapter.3 ~Unspeakable Lines~" from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.


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