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For the voice actor, see Yukiko Iwai.
Yukiko Iwai
Birth name 岩井 由紀子
Also known as Yuuyu (ゆうゆ Yūyu?)
Born (1968-05-26) May 26, 1968 (age 48)
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Jpop
Occupation(s) Singer, actress
Years active 1987-current
Associated acts Onyanko Club
Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi
Mamiko Takai

Yukiko Iwai (岩井 由紀子 Iwai Yukiko?), also known by the nickname Yuuyu (ゆうゆ Yūyu?), is a Japanese singer and actress born May 26, 1968 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Iwai was a member of the all-girl pop group Onyanko Club (from June 21, 1985 until August 31, 1987), and she was the shortest of all the members at 150 centimetres (4 ft 11 in).[1][2][3] She was also half of the pop group Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi, a spin-off group of Onyanko Club.[1][2] She graduated from Kaetsu Women's Junior High and High School (now Kaetsu Ariake Junior High and High School), but left Kaetsu Women's Junior College (now Kaetsu University Junior College) before she finished. She is the younger in a set of identical twins.


Iwai moved to Chiba Prefecture after her parents divorced when she was younger. She made her media debut in 1985 as a gravure model in Model Graphix, a magazine for which her older sister was on the editorial committee.

On June 21, 1985, she became the 19th member of Onyanko Club after auditioning on the TV program Yūyake Nyan Nyan, and she appeared on the cover of their first album, Kick Off. Shortly afterward, she and Mamiko Takai, also a member of Onyanko Club, formed the group Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi. About this time, she acquired the nickname "Yuuyu". Yukiko Iwai performed the lead vocals for Onyanko Club's fifth single, Osaki ni Shitsurei, released in July 1986. From that point, she became the main vocalist for the majority of their albums, and was considered central to the success of the group.

She made her solo debut with the single Angel Bodyguard (天使のボディーガード Tenshi no Bodīgādo?) on March 25, 1987. In April of that same year, Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi was disbanded because Takai graduated from Onyanko Club and moved on to other things. Onyanko Club itself disbanded in August later that year, and Iwai began working for Watanabe Productions (Nabe Pro) along with fellow Onyanko Club member Sonoko Kawai. She also began working under her nickname "Yuuyu", turning it into a stage name.


  • 1987.03.25 : Tenshi no Bodyguard (天使のボディガード) (with Onyanko Club)
  • 1987.07.22 : -3 °C
  • 1987.10.28 : 25 cent no Mangetsu (25セントの満月)
  • 1988.01.21 : Tsuite Ikenai ~Ganbare Boyfriend~ (ついて行けない -がんばれボーイフレンド-)
  • 1988.04.21 : Hidarimune Atari (左胸あたり)
  • 1988.07.27 : Sayonara Shigan (サヨナラ志願)
  • 1988.11.30 : Hoshizora no Gangster (星空のギャングスター)
  • 1989.02.08 : Mouichido Peter Pan (もう一度ピーターパン)
  • 1987.07.29 : Yuuyu (ゆうゆ光線)
  • 1987.12.16 : Iya! (いやっ!)
  • 1988.07.21 : Summer Tasty
  • 1988.07.21 : Kotteru Ne! (こってるネ!)
  • 1989.03.21 : Best Damon Ne! (ベストだもんね!)
  • 2002.02.20 : My Kore!kushon YuuYu Best (MY これ!クション ゆうゆ BEST)
  • 2007.08.17 : Yuuyu Singles Complete (ゆうゆSINGLESコンプリート)

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