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Yūko Miyamura
Born (1972-12-04) December 4, 1972 (age 43)
Kobe, Japan
Occupation Voice actress, singer, sound director
Years active 1994–present
Notable credit(s) Neon Genesis Evangelion as Asuka Langley Soryu
Spouse(s) Takayuki Seki (m. 2004)

Yūko Miyamura (宮村 優子 Miyamura Yūko?, born December 4, 1972) is a Japanese voice actress, actress, J-pop singer and director of audiography. Her married name is Yūko Seki (関 優子 Seki Yūko?), although she still works under her maiden name. Miyamura was born in Kobe, and graduated from the theater division of the Tōhō Gakuen College of Drama and Music. Her nickname is Miyamū (みやむー Miyamū?) and she is best known for her roles as Asuka Langley Soryu and Chun-Li.

Miyamura has also released various CD albums as a singer, which feature collaborations with well-known Japanese musicians, such as P-MODEL vocalist/Berserk series composer Susumu Hirasawa, Yapoos vocalist Jun Togawa and Pizzicato Five vocalist Yasuharu Konishi. Additionally, she also had a short on-screen role in the movie Battle Royale as the video announcer of the event's rules. She is affiliated with Techno Sound as a sound director and Japan Action Enterprises as a voice actress.

Miyamura was diagnosed with Graves' disease in May 2007[1] after suffering exophthalmos. She is married to stuntman Takayuki Seki and has two children: one daughter (born in 2004) and one son (born in 2011), and is currently living in Melbourne, Australia.


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