Yukon Liberal Party

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Yukon Liberal Party
Parti libéral du Yukon
Active territorial party
Leader Sandy Silver
President Ranj Pillai
Founded 1898 (1898)
Headquarters Unit 183, 108 Elliott Street, Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 6C4
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre
Colours Red
Seats in Legislature
1 / 19

The Yukon Liberal Party (French: Parti libéral du Yukon) is a political party in the territory of Yukon, Canada.

Sandy Silver, MLA for Klondike, is the Leader of the Yukon Liberal Party.[1]


After twenty years as a minor party, the Yukon Liberal Party won the 2000 general election and formed a government under Premier Pat Duncan. The government was plagued with defections, however, and was reduced to minority government status. Duncan called a snap election for November 2002 in the hope of regaining her government's majority. The party was almost completely wiped out, however, by the conservative Yukon Party. Duncan won the Liberals' sole seat in the Yukon Party's landslide.

Election results[edit]

Year Yukon Liberal Party Leader No. Seats  % Popular Vote Results
1978 Iain MacKay 2 26.0% Official Opposition
1982 Ron Veale 0 15.0%
1985 Roger Coles 2 7.6% Third Party
1989 Jim McLachlan 0 11.1%
1992 Paul Thériault 1 16.1% Fourth Party
1996 Ken Taylor 3 24.1% Third Party
2000 Pat Duncan 10 42.7% Majority Government
2002 Pat Duncan 1 28.96% Third Party
2006 Arthur Mitchell 5 34.8% Official Opposition
2011 Arthur Mitchell 2 25.2% Third Party


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