Yukon general election, 1909

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The 1909 Yukon general election was held on 28 June 1909 to elect the ten members of the Yukon Territorial Council.[1] The council was non-partisan and had merely an advisory role to the federally appointed Commissioner. The 1909 election marked the first time that voters in the territory elected the entire council — in the four prior elections, the council was composed of five elected representatives and five representatives appointed by the Canadian federal government.[2]

The members elected to the council in 1909 were Max Landreville (Klondike), Frank McAlpine (Bonanza), George Black (South Dawson), James William Murphy (South Dawson), Willard "Deacon" Phelps (Whitehorse), Angus McLeod (Klondike), Robert Lowe (Whitehorse), Roderick Leander Ashbaugh (Bonanza), Charles Bossuyt (North Dawson) and Andrew Smith (North Dawson).[2]


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