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Yuli may refer to:


  • Yuli Berkovich a scientist who did experiments with seed germination in zero gravity in the International Space Station
  • Yuli Burkin, a Russian writer (sci-fi) and musician
  • Yuli Daniel, a Soviet dissident writer, poet, translator, political prisoner and gulag survivor
  • Yuli Dunsky, a Soviet scriptwriter
  • Yuli Gusman, a Soviet, Russian and Azerbaijani film director and actor
  • Yuli Raizman, a Soviet Russian film director and screenwriter
  • Yuli Tamir, an Israeli academic, politician and former Minister of Immigrant Absorption
  • Yuli Mikhailovich Vorontsov a Russian diplomat and President of International Centre of the Roerichs
  • Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, a Russian-Israeli politician and former Minister of Immigrant Absorption
  • Zheng Yuli, a retired female badminton player from China