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Yulia Latynina
Latynina Yulia.jpg
Latynina in 2010
Native name Юлия Леонидовна Латынина
Born Yulia Leonidovna Latynina
(1966-06-16) 16 June 1966 (age 52)
Moscow, RSFSR, Soviet Union
Residence Odintsovo, Russia
Alma mater Maxim Gorky Literature Institute
Occupation Writer, journalist
Notable work The Insider
Website latynina.net latynina.tv

Yulia Leonidovna Latynina (Russian: Ю́лия Леони́довна Латы́нина; born 16 June 1966) is a Russian writer and journalist. She is a columnist for Novaya Gazeta and the most popular host at the Echo of Moscow radio station for years.[1] Yulia Latynina has written more than twenty books, including fantasy and crime fiction.


Condoleezza Rice presents Latynina with the Freedom Defenders Award in 2008

Yulia Latynina was born in Moscow on 16 June 1966. Her father is poet Leonid Latynin and her mother is literary critic Alla Latynina. Yulia Latynina studied philology at the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute from 1983 to 1988. In 1993, she defended her PhD at the Gorky Institute of World Literature.

Latynina worked for periodicals Segodnya (1995–96), Izvestia (1996–97), Expert (1997–98), Sovershenno Secretno (1999–2000), Ezhednevny Zhurnal (2005–15) and Gazeta.ru (2006–2013). She also worked for television channels NTV (2000–01), ORT (2001–02), TVS (2002–03) and REN TV (2003–04). Currently, she is a columnist for Novaya Gazeta (since 2001) and a host of the show Access Code at radio station Echo of Moscow (since 2003).

Latynina was a member of the Committee 2008. In 2007, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera named her best foreign journalist in an award ceremony dedicated to Maria Grazia Cutuli.[2] In 2008, Yulia Latynina received the Freedom Defenders Award from the United States Department of State.[3]


Yulia Latynina is a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom she accuses of corruption, fraud of presidential elections, the destruction of the investment climate and failed foreign policy.[4][5][6]

Yulia Latynina is known for her sharp and polemic statements. She argues that universal suffrage is bad for poor countries.[7][8] She also criticizes western liberalism and human rights organizations which she thinks prevent winning the War on Terror.[9] Yulia Latynina is generally regarded as an opponent of Russian political establishment, but has also criticized supporters of Igor Sutyagin, a scientist who was arrested for espionage by Russia.[10] Lawyer Boris Kuznetsov, who represented Sutyagin, hinted that the Russian Federal Security Service benefited from her columns, which she vigorously denied.[11]


On the night of July 18 and 19, 2017, Latynina was attacked at her home with a very pungent and caustic type of gas of unknown composition being sprayed throughout her house. Along with herself, 8 people were additionally injured in the gas attack, including four elderly people and two children. She said that would not bring the case to the police (as police had not investigated some attacks on opposition politicians), stating "I will not be a part of this comedy."[12] On September 2, Latynina's car was set on fire. The investigator said that "the car caught fire by itself".[13] On September 9, Latynina announced that she left Russia with her relatives and would not be going to return "in the near future". She called the car's arson an attempted murder.[14]

Authored books[edit]

Presentation of the book Russian Baker in 2013
Year Title in Russian Translation Genre Cycle
1991 «Дело о пропавшем боге» A Case of the Missing God Fantasy Wei Empire
1995 «Бомба для банкира» The Bomb for the Banker Crime fiction Bandit
1996 «Колдуны и министры» Wizards and Ministers Fantasy Wei Empire
1996 «Сто полей» The 100 Squares[15] Fantasy Wei Empire
1996 «Повесть о Золотом Государе» Tale of the Golden Emperor Fantasy Wei Empire
1997 «Здравствуйте, я ваша крыша» Hello, I'm Your Roof Fantasy
1999 «Бандит» Bandit Crime fiction Bandit
1999 «Охота на изюбря» Hunting Elk Crime fiction Industrial Area
1999 «Инсайдер» The Insider Fantasy Wei Empire
1999 «Повесть о государыне Кассии» Tale of the Empress Cassia Fantasy Wei Empire
1999 «Дело о лазоревом письме» Case of the Azure Letter Fantasy Wei Empire
2000 «Разбор полётов» Debriefing Crime fiction Bandit
2000 «Саранча» Locust Crime fiction Bandit
2000 «Стальной король» Steel King Crime fiction Industrial Area
2001 «Ничья» The Draw Crime fiction
2003 «Промзона» Industrial Area Crime fiction Industrial Area
2004 «Только голуби летают бесплатно» Only Pigeons Fly for Free Crime fiction
2005 «Джаханнам, или До встречи в Аду» Jahannam, or See You in Hell Thriller Caucasus
2005 «Ниязбек» Niyazbek Thriller Caucasus
2007 «Земля войны» The Land of War Thriller Caucasus
2007 «Нелюдь» Inhuman Fantasy
2009 «Не время для славы» No Time for Glory Thriller Caucasus
2012 «Русский булочник» Russian Baker Non-fiction

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