Yulong Naxi Autonomous County

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Yulong County
玉龙县 · Yulleq Xail
Yulong Naxi Autonomous County
Yulleq Naqxiceef Zeeqzheeqxail (Naxi)
Yulong, Lijiang - China.jpg
Location of Yulong County (pink) and Lijiang City (yellow) within Yunnan
Location of Yulong County (pink) and Lijiang City (yellow) within Yunnan
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityLijiang
 • Total6,521 km2 (2,518 sq mi)
 • Total210,000
 • Density32/km2 (83/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (CST)
Postal code
Area code(s)0888

Yulong Naxi Autonomous County (simplified Chinese: 玉龙纳西族自治县; traditional Chinese: 玉龍納西族自治縣; pinyin: Yùlóng Nàxīzú Zìzhìxiàn; Naxi: Yulleq Naqxiceef Zeeqzheeqxail) is a county located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, China, bordering Sichuan Province to the northeast. It is the westernmost county-level division of the prefecture-level city of Lijiang. Wenhai village and lake along with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are some of the famous scenic spots found here.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Yulong Naxi Autonomous County has 7 towns, 6 townships and 3 ethnic townships.[1]

7 towns
6 townships
3 ethnic townships


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