Yumare massacre

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The Yumare massacre was an incident in which agents of DISIP, the counter-intelligence agency of Venezuela, killed nine unarmed members of the subversive group Punto Cero. It took place on 8 May 1986 in Yaracuy state, Venezuela.[1] An investigation was re-opened in 2006,[2] which led to 29 participants in the massacre being charged in September 2006, including both Jaime Lusinchi, then-president of Venezuela, and Henry López Sisco, then head of DISIP. López Sisco was able to evade arrest and flee the country.[1]

In May 2011 retired Army General Alexis Ramón Sanchéz, having confessed his role in the massacre and identified others responsible, was sentenced to 13 years' house arrest. His sentence length was reduced due to his cooperation, and he was permitted to serve it at home due to his age and ill health.[3]

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