Yume no Crayon Oukoku

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Yume no Crayon Oukoku
Promotional image from the anime series, displaying Princess Silver and her friends
(Yume no Kureyon Ōkoku)
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magical girl, Supernatural
Anime television series
Directed byJunichi Sato
Written byTakashi Yamada
Music byTakanori Arisawa
StudioToei Animation
Original networkTV Asahi (1997-1999)
Original run September 7, 1997 January 31, 1999
Written byMichiru Kataoka
Published byKodansha
Original runAugust 1997August 1998
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Yume no Crayon Oukoku[1] (夢のクレヨン王国, Yume no Kureyon Ōkoku, lit. The Crayon Kingdom of Dreams) is a seventy-episode anime television series created by Toei Animation and broadcast from 1997 to 1999. It was based on the novel series by Reizo Fukunaga, and was adapted into a manga by Michiru Kataoka and serialized in Nakayoshi from 1997 to 1998. It has been dubbed into French, Italian, Russian, Korean and Chinese. The original features the voice talents of Yuka Tokumitsu as Princess Silver.


The civilians of the Crayon Kingdom have always viewed their Princess Silver as a twelve-year-old girl with a beautiful smile. However, unknown to them, the princess has 12 bad habits. This has created much distress to the Chameleon Prime Minister and the Crayon ministers for it would be embarrassing if this gets out.

One day, a party is held to celebrate Silver's twelfth birthday. The princess is so busy trying to find a suitable dance-partner that she forgets to hide her bad habits. The boy she thinks suitable to dance with refuses to dance and, after a short quarrel, he changes Silver's parents, the King and Queen, into stone.

Along with a pig named Stonston and a chicken named Araessa, Silver learns that only the Grim Reaper is capable of casting a spell like that, and she assumes that the boy was actually him in disguise. So begins their quest to find the boy Reaper. They do not realize, that the boy and the Grim Reaper are two different people entirely. The Grim Reaper is trying to kill Silver, whose ancestor trapped him in a mirror for several thousand years. The boy is trying to save her, and her parents, whom he transformed into stone to prevent them from being killed.

They finally realize this, when the boy saves them from the Grim Reaper. He says he is the Prince Cloud, and that he will help them destroy the Grim Reaper and Silver develops a crush on him. However, he constantly annoys her. They eventually find out that in order to destroy the Grim Reaper, Princess Silver must get rid of her 12 bad habits.

They eventually succeed, by reassembling the broken pieces of a mirror and deciphering the hidden code. They finally realize that they have to "Tickle the Grim Reaper under the Left Arm" to destroy him and send him back into the mirror. They then cut off a lock of his hair and sprinkle it over The King and Queen, which brings them back to life.

However, due to that it isn't over, Silver's maid, Punya, a cat, liberates two mischievous angels. Princess Silver and her friends set off on yet another journey to bring them back. Prince Cloud does reappear to help them, but not often. Once this has been done, Silver, Cloud, Punya, Araessa and Stonston set off on a journey around the kingdom.



  1. The Princess sets out on her Journey (王女旅立つ, oujo tabitatsu)(Original Airdate:September 7, 1997)
  2. September's Journey I (9月の旅I, kugatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:September 14, 1997)
  3. September's Journey II (9月の旅II, kugatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:September 21, 1997)
  4. September's Journey III (9月の旅III, kugatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:September 28, 1997)
  5. October's Journey I (10月の旅I, juugatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:October 5, 1997)
  6. October's Journey II (10月の旅II, juugatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:October 12, 1997)
  7. October's Journey III (10月の旅III, juugatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:October 19, 1997)
  8. October's Journey IV (10月の旅IV, juugatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:October 26, 1997)
  9. November's Journey I (11月の旅I, juuichigatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:November 16, 1997)
  10. November's Journey II (11月の旅II, juuichigatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:November 23, 1997)
  11. November's Journey III (11月の旅III, juuichigatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:November 30, 1997)
  12. November's Journey IV (11月の旅IV, juuichigatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:December 7, 1997)
  13. December's Journey I (12月の旅I, juuningatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:December 14, 1997)
  14. December's Journey II (12月の旅II, juuningatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:December 21, 1997)
  15. December's Journey III (12月の旅III, juuningatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:December 28, 1997)
  16. N-Paka's Journey (ン・パカの旅, n-paka no tabi)(Original Airdate:January 4, 1998)
  17. January's Journey I (1月の旅I, ichigatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:January 11, 1998)
  18. January's Journey II (1月の旅II, ichigatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:January 18, 1998)
  19. January's Journey III (1月の旅III, ichigatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:January 25, 1998)
  20. February's Journey I (2月の旅I, ningatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:February 1, 1998)
  21. February's Journey II (2月の旅II, ningatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:February 8, 1998)
  22. February's Journey III (2月の旅III, ningatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:February 15, 1998)
  23. February's Journey IV (2月の旅IV, ningatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:February 22, 1998)
  24. March's Journey I (3月の旅I, sangatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:March 1, 1998)
  25. March's Journey II (3月の旅II, sangatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:March 8, 1998)
  26. March's Journey III (3月の旅III, sangatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:March 15, 1998)
  27. March's Journey IV (3月の旅IV, sangatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:March 22, 1998)
  28. March's Journey V (3月の旅V, sangatsu no tabi V)(Original Airdate:March 29, 1998)
  29. April's Journey I (4月の旅I, yongatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:April 5, 1998)
  30. April's Journey II (4月の旅II, yongatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:April 12, 1998)
  31. April's Journey III (4月の旅III, yongatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:April 19, 1998)
  32. April's Journey IV (4月の旅IV, yongatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:April 26, 1998)
  33. May's Journey I (5月の旅I, gogatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:May 3, 1998)
  34. May's Journey II (5月の旅II, gogatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:May 10, 1998)
  35. May's Journey III (5月の旅III, gogatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:May 17, 1998)
  36. May's Journey IV (5月の旅IV, gogatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:May 24, 1998)
  37. May's Journey V (5月の旅V, gogatsu no tabi V)(Original Airdate:May 31, 1998)
  38. June's Journey I (6月の旅I, rokugatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:June 7, 1998)
  39. June's Journey II (6月の旅II, rokugatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:June 14, 1998)
  40. June's Journey III (6月の旅III, rokugatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:June 28, 1998)
  41. June's Journey IV (6月の旅IV, rokugatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:July 5, 1998)
  42. July's Journey I (7月の旅I, shichigatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:July 12, 1998)
  43. July's Journey II (7月の旅II, shichigatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:July 19, 1998)
  44. July's Journey III (7月の旅III, shichigatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:July 26, 1998)
  45. July's Journey IV (7月の旅IV, shichigatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:August 2, 1998)
  46. August's Journey I (8月の旅I, bachigatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:August 9, 1998)
  47. August's Journey II (8月の旅II, bachigatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:August 16, 1998)
  48. August's Journey III (8月の旅III, bachigatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:August 23, 1998)
  49. August's Journey IV (8月の旅IV, bachigatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:August 30, 1998)
  50. Seems like a Princess (王女らしく, oujo rashiku)(Original Airdate:September 6, 1998)
  51. The 13th Month's Journey I (13月の旅I, juusangatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:September 13, 1998)
  52. The 13th Month's Journey II (13月の旅II, juusangatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:September 20, 1998)
  53. The 13th Month's Journey III (13月の旅III, juusangatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:September 27, 1998)
  54. The 14th Month's Journey I (14月の旅I, juuyongatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:October 4, 1998)
  55. The 14th Month's Journey II (14月の旅II, juuyongatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:October 11, 1998)
  56. The 14th Month's Journey III (14月の旅III, juuyongatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:October 18, 1998)
  57. The 14th Month's Journey IV (14月の旅IV, juuyongatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:October 25, 1998)
  58. The 15th Month's Journey I (15月の旅I, juugogatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:November 8, 1998)
  59. The 15th Month's Journey II (15月の旅II, juugogatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:November 15, 1998)
  60. The 15th Month's Journey III (15月の旅III, juugogatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:November 22, 1998)
  61. The 15th Month's Journey IV (15月の旅IV, juugogatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:November 29, 1998)
  62. The 16th Month's Journey I (16月の旅I, juurokugatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:December 6, 1998)
  63. The 16th Month's Journey II (16月の旅II, juurokugatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:December 13, 1998)
  64. The 16th Month's Journey III (16月の旅III, juurokugatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:December 20, 1998)
  65. The 16th Month's Journey IV (16月の旅IV, juurokugatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:December 27, 1998)
  66. The 17th Month's Journey I (17月の旅I, juushichigatsu no tabi I)(Original Airdate:January 3, 1999)
  67. The 17th Month's Journey II (17月の旅II, juushichigatsu no tabi II)(Original Airdate:January 10, 1999)
  68. The 17th Month's Journey III (17月の旅III, juushichigatsu no tabi III)(Original Airdate:January 17, 1999)
  69. The 17th Month's Journey IV (17月の旅IV, juushichigatsu no tabi IV)(Original Airdate:January 24, 1999)
  70. Thank You (ありがと〜, arigato)(Original Airdate:January 31, 1999)



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