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Light novel
Written by Nanase Ohkawa
Illustrated by Mokona
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
Published April 20, 1996
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Yumegari (夢狩り?, lit. "Dream hunter") is a Japanese light novel written by Ageha Ohkawa and illustrated by Mokona of the Japanese creative team Clamp. The chapters were published on Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōsetsu Asuka magazine. The story revolves around Tatsumi Houjyou, heir to a clan of dream hunters.

Yumegari is unfinished. The published chapters were re-printed in Clamp Gakuen Denki Bunko vol.1.


The story revolves around Tatsumi Hōjyō, a seventeen-year-old girl and heir to a clan of Yumegari (dream hunters). The dream hunter's mission is to investigate the dreams of others and actively participate in them if necessary. A yumegari is bound by fate to a yumemori, one who watches the dreams of a Yumegari and prevents them from falling into an eternal sleep.

When Tatsumi's mother and father, the preceding yumegari and yumemori, die in the execution of their duties, Tatsumi inherits the job. She then sets off for Tokyo to find her yumemori, twenty-eight-year-old Kyousuke Kaga. Tatsumi takes up residence with Kyousuke so they can get a better understand of each other. Despite the warnings from her clan about Kyousuke, Tatsumi continues to work with him, fulfilling her dangerous and uncertain role as a yumegari.