Yumi Matsuzawa

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Yumi Matsuzawa
松澤 由美
Yumi Matsuzawa AF2016.jpg
Matsuzawa performing at Anime Friends 2016, in São Paulo, Brazil.
Background information
Born (1974-03-29) March 29, 1974 (age 42)
Fujimi, Saitama, Japan
Genres Anison
Years active 1996 -
Associated acts Houko Kuwashima

Yumi Matsuzawa (松澤 由美 Matsuzawa Yumi?, born March 29, 1974) is a Japanese singer from Fujimi, Saitama. She is best known for her debut release, "You Get to Burning", the opening theme for Martian Successor Nadesico, as well as the movie version's theme song "Dearest".

She is part of the judging panel at the Animax Anison Grand Prix, with fellow noted anime singers Ichirou Mizuki and Mitsuko Horie.[1][2]



Best Album[edit]

  • Ashiato (あしあと?) (February 28, 2007)

Mini Album[edit]

  • birth (2011) -self-produced-
  • My Place ~for my dear~ (2013) -self-produced-

Cover Album[edit]

  • Anicapella (アニカペラ?) (June 6, 2007)

Various Artists[edit]

  • Lovers Reggae (July 23, 2009)


Year Title Peak Label Notes
1996 "You Get to Burning" 9 Starchild Records Martian Successor Nadesico opening theme
1997 "Otoha" (音波?) 83 Eastwest Japan
1998 "Earth Song: Daiji no Uta" (earth song -大地の詩-?)
"Kokoro" (ココロ?)
"Dearest" 18 Starchild Records Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness theme song
1999 "Ari no Mama de" (ありのままで?) 90 Eastwest Japan
"Dare mo Shiranai Chizu de" (誰も知らない地図で?) 77 Media Factory Jibaku-kun opening theme
2000 "Asu no Egao no Tame ni" (明日の笑顔のために?) 83 Pony Canyon Gate Keepers opening theme
2001 "Jikū: Toki no Sora" (時空 -ときのそら-?) Maxell E-Cube Salaryman Kintarō opening theme
"Kanashii yo" (哀しいよ?)
2003 "Chikyūgi" (地球ぎ?) 125 Nippon Columbia Saint Seiya: Hades - Chapter Sanctuary opening theme
"Kimi to Onaji Aozora" (君と同じ青空?) Saint Seiya: Hades - Chapter Sanctuary ending theme
2006 "Takusu Mono e: My Dear" (託す者へ~My Dear~?) 182 Saint Seiya: Hades - Chapter Inferno ending theme
"Neverland" 72 Creative Idea Of Associates Summon Night 4 theme song
2012 "Celeb Neet" (セレブニート?) ETB RIGHTS Musashino-sen no Shimai theme song


  • Anison All Stars - imagine (October 16, 2009) -John Lennon cover song-


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