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Yun Won-hyung(hangul:윤원형 ; hanja:尹元衡, 1509 – November 18, 1565) was the Korean Joseon Dynasty's writer, philosopher and politician. He was the younger brother of Queen Munjung[note 1] the uncle of the 13th King Myeongjong, Sukbin Yun of Papyung. Sukbin Yun was the concubine of the 12th King Injong.

He was prime minister or chief state councillor of the Joseon Dynasty from 1563 to 1565. He was beheaded after his sister Queen Munjeong's death for his corruption and unrespected manner to King Myeongjong. His courtesy name was Eonpyung (언평;彦平).


In 1509, Won-hyung was born the fifth son of Yun Ji-im, father of Queen Munjung and third cousin of Queen Janggyung and Yun Im. He was also the great-grandnephew of Queen Chunghee, who was the wife of Joseon Dynasty's 7th King Sejo.

Yun Won-hyung was a writer, philosopher and politician from an aristocratic family and a maternal relation of the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty. His family was of the Papyung Yun clan (파평윤씨, 波平尹氏). His elder sister, Lady Yun, was a concubine to King Jungjong of Joseon, and his niece Lady Yun[note 2] was a concubine to King Injong.[note 3] In March 1515, Jungjong's second wife Queen Janggyung died and Jungjong formally married Won-hyung's sister Lady Yun, appointed by the Queen. Their son was Prince Gyungwon (King Myeongjong).

In 1533, he was passed by Imperial examination to Joseon. Officials appointed to he was sought to bolting prince Gyungwon. hi was relatives to his conflict Yun Im and Kim Ahnro, but Kim Ahnro's daughter-in-law Princess Hyohye was sister of Injong, Yun Im was uncle of Injong, brother of Queen Janggyung.

In 1543, Jungjong died and Injong died in 1545. Won-hyung was killed Yun Im and their opponents, and later his brother Yun Won-ro was killed (the Eulsa massacre). In 1546, he controlled political powers.

In 1547 he became Administration Minister, in 1551 vice prime minister or Left State Councillor and in 1563 prime minister or Chief State Councillor of the Joseon Dynasty.

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