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Yuna may refer to:



  • Yuna (album), a 2012 album by Malaysian singer Yuna
  • Yuna (EP), a 2008 album by Malaysian acoustic singer Yuna



  • Yuna Aoi, writer, manga artist and creator of Awaken Forest
  • Yuna Ito (born 1983), American-Japanese female pop singer-songwriter
  • Yuna Kagesaki (born 1973), manga artist and creator of Chibi Vampire
  • Yuna Takanagi, manga artist and creator of Shiki Tsukai
  • Yuna, musician and member of Chai

South Korean[edit]

  • Im Yoona (born 1990), singer and actress, a member of Girls' Generation
  • Yuna Kim (born 1990), female figure skater
  • Yonah Martin (born 1965), Korean-Canadian Senator
  • Younha (born 1988), singer-songwriter
  • Seo Yuna (born 1992), singer, actress, and member of AOA
  • Choi Yu-na (born 1997), singer and member of girl group GFriend
  • Lee Yuna, singer and member of Brave Girls
  • Song Yoon-ah (born 1973), actress
  • Shin Yuna (born 2003), singer and member of Itzy


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