Jang Yoon-jeong (Miss Korea)

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Jang Yoon-jeong
Hangul 장윤정
Hanja 張允貞
Revised Romanization Jang Yun-jeong
McCune–Reischauer Chang Yun-jŏng

Jang Yoon-jeong (born February 16, 1970) is a Korean actress, TV Host and beauty queen who was named Miss Korea in 1987. She represented South Korea and was the first runner-up of the Miss Universe 1988 beauty contest. Bui Simon was the winner of the competition.[1]

Miss Universe 1988[edit]

After the preliminaries, Jang Yoon-jeong was the highest-placed Asian delegate who ranked third behind USA and Dominican Republic. During the actual pageant, she placed 1st runner-up behind Thailand's Bui Simon. At the time of the Miss Universe 1988 pageant, she was a high school student studying dance. Korea has never won Miss Universe. Jang is the closest a Korean woman has come to winning since debuting in 1954. It would not be until 18 years later that a Korean woman (Honey Lee) placed as 3rd Runner-up.

Personal life[edit]

After competing in the pageant, Jang went on to become a popular celebrity in South Korea and became a successful television host. She later married a successful South Korean businessman. The marriage, however, ended in divorce.


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Preceded by
Kim Ji-eun
Miss Korea
Succeeded by
Kim Sung-ryung