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Yundum is located in The Gambia
Location in the Gambia
Coordinates: 13°21′N 16°47′W / 13.350°N 16.783°W / 13.350; -16.783
CountryThe Gambia

Yundum is a small town in Gambia, south of the capital, Banjul. It is situated adjacent to the country's international airport.

Royal Air Force fitters assisted by native helpers change the engine of a Lockheed Hudson aircraft at a West African base (probably Yundum) using an improvised hoist (1943)

The only airport in Gambia is at Yundum, built in World War II.[1] Post war it was used for passenger flights. Both British South American Airways and the British Overseas Airways Corporation had services, the former moving its service to Dakar, which had a concrete runway (as opposed to pierced steel planking).[2] The airport was rebuilt in 1963 and the building is still in use today.

Coordinates: 13°22′N 16°39′W / 13.367°N 16.650°W / 13.367; -16.650


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