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The Yung-Feng HigCoordinates: 24°58′31.66″N 121°16′10.21″E / 24.9754611°N 121.2695028°E / 24.9754611; 121.2695028h School (Chinese: 桃園市立永豐高級中學) is a high school in Bade District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Taoyuan Municipal Yung-Feng High School
No.609, Yongfong Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City 334, Taiwan
TypeA High School Established by Taoyuan City with Junior High School Division
EstablishedA.D. 1999
PrincipalDr. LIN,YU-FONG
Staff24 People
Faculty168 People
GradesJunior High School Division:Study 3 Years to Graduation Senior High School Division:Study 3 Years to Graduation
QuantityJunior High School Division:39 Classes Senior High School Division:32 Classes, Still Increasing, Contain 3 Sports Specialty Classes
Area of This School3.79 Hectare
School's LocationClose to Taoyuan City

The History of Yung-Feng High School[edit]


  • A.D. 1995:Ministry of Education planning to establish a "Complete School."
  • A.D. 1999:"Taoyuan Municipal Yung-Feng High School" was set up. Started to enroll the first Junior High School students and Senior High School students in September.
  • A.D. 2001:Ministry of Education has stopped the "Complete School" program, the school was ordered to change into "Taoyuan Municipal Yung-Feng High School founded by Taoyuan County."
  • A.D. 2014:Due to Taoyuan County has been promoted to a special municipal city, the name changed into "Taoyuan Municipal Yung-Feng High School founded by Taoyuan City."

Previous Principals[edit]

Term Name Working Time
1st Mr. ZENG,YU-LIN August, 1999~July, 2003
2nd Mr. SIE,JIN-YUN August, 2003~July, 2009
3rd Ms. HAN,JING-JYU August, 2009~July, 2013
4th Mr. LIN,YU-FONG August, 2013~Until Now


The school is accessible within walking distance east of Neili Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

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