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Yung Berg
Yung berg.jpg
Yung Berg in Chicago, 2008.
Background information
Birth name Christian Ward [1]
Also known as Iceberg, Hitmaka, Yung Bizzy, Y.B.
Born (1986-09-09) September 9, 1986 (age 29)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Genres Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer
Years active 2001–present
Labels YFM
Associated acts The Dream Team, Hazel E, Teairra Marí, K Young, Jhene Aiko, Ray J, Twista, Bryant McKinnie

Christian Ward (born September 9, 1986), better known as his stage name Yung Berg (also known as Hitmaka), is an American rapper, record producer and songwriter from Chicago. His first single was "Sexy Lady", which features R&B singer Junior released in April 2007. Yung Berg had been previously signed to DMX's Bloodline Records as Iceberg. He is featured on the Exit Wounds soundtrack. His debut album Look What You Made Me was released on 2008 [2][3]

Music career[edit]

2001–03: Career beginnings[edit]

In 2001, he was signed to DMX's Bloodline Records. He made his debut on the Exit Wounds soundtrack on the song "Dog 4 Life" as Iceberg. However, his parents sent him to a military boarding school in Montana in 2001.[4] He moved to Los Angeles after finishing school in 2003.[4][5] In 2005, Yung Berg worked as a hypeman and recording assistant for Disturbing tha Peace member and Chicago rapper Shawnna. Later that year, he founded his Yung Boss imprint and production team Yung Bosses.

2007–present: Almost Famous EP, Look What You Made Me and Mixtapes[edit]

Berg's debut single "Sexy Lady, which featured R&B singer Junior, became a hit on Los Angeles urban radio, and he signed with Epic Records among many labels that approached him. Berg's six-track EP Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady EP was released in July 2007. Also in 2007 he made a cameo in the music video of singer Kat DeLuna's debut single "Whine Up". "Sexy Lady" peaked at #18 on the Billboard 100.

In 2008, Berg released another single "Sexy Can I", a collaboration with singer Ray J, then his debut album Look What You Made Me.[4] The second single was "Do That There", featuring Dude 'n' Nem, followed by "The Business", featuring Casha, which peaked at #33 on the Hot 100.[6] Look What You Made Me would chart at #20 on the Billboard 200 and at #2 on the Top Rap Albums chart.

On January 7, 2010 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled The Show, The Afterparty & The Hotel.[7] On May 5, 2010 Yung Berg would release a collaboration mixtape with his brother/singer K-Young entitled Money Can't Buy Love.[8][9] On September 28, 2010 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled Ground Work.[10][11][12]

On January 6, 2011 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled The Love Project, the mixtape's cover art would be based on Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak.[13][14][15] On March 17, 2011 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled Mr. Ward.[16][17][18] On May 25, 2011 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled Yungn.[19] On June 20, 2011 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled Mo Money, Mo Condoms.[20][21] On November 11, 2011 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled Reality Check.[22][23]

On June 4, 2012 Yung Berg would release a mixtape entitled Chicago Redemption.[24][25][26]

Other ventures[edit]

Yung Fly Movement[edit]

Yung Fly Movement
Founded 2005
Founder Christian "Yung Berg" Ward (CEO & President)
Status Active
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Los Angeles, California

Yung Fly Movement (YFM), formerly known as Yung Boss Records, is an Los Angeles, California-based record label formed in 2005 by Ward. On February 16, 2013 Yung berg would release a compilation mixtape from his new label Yung Fly Movement or YFM with singer Mia Rey and Chicago rapper Jordan Hollywood.[27]

Co-Writing & Producing[edit]

In 2009 along with Berg's producer Rob Holladay & his brother/singer K-Young, they formed the production group The Dream Team.

Yung Berg announced in an interview on Playboy Radio July 1, 2010 that the Last Train to Paris album by Diddy would feature songs they co-wrote and produced.[28]

In 2013 it is currently known that Yung Berg is executive producing returning singer Tamar Braxton's third studio album.[29]

In 2014 Yung Berg also co-wrote & co-produced for Nicki Minaj's album The Pinkprint on the tracks "Want Some More", "Buy a Heart" & "Shanghai".

Reality television[edit]

In December 2008, Berg began casting "exceptionally stand out beautiful dark skin/brown skin women to showcase beauty of all races" for a potential dating reality show that he would host.[30] However, as evidenced by the trailer for his new TV Show, titled Back In Business, it will not be a dating show.[31][32] But the reality show was never released as planned.

In 2014 Yung Berg would appear in the first season of the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The show loosely follows events in his and fellow cast mate, Hazel E's personal lives.[33] On November 9, 2014 it was announced by VH1 that they had fired Yung Berg from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood due to arrest for allegedly assaulting his fellow castmate and girlfriend Masika Kalysha Tucker.[34][35]

Personal life[edit]

Legal issues[edit]

Yung Berg is considered a deadbeat parent by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, which has published information on Yung Berg failure to pay child support.[36]

Victim of robbery[edit]

On August 23, 2008 It was reported & confirmed that Yung Berg had been ambushed by Detroit, Michigan rapper Trick-Trick & his entourage in his club & had his signature "Transformers chain" taken at Detroit, Michigan But On August 26, 2008 rapper Trick-Trick denied having anything to do with the altercation & in an fact saved Yung Berg from the altercation.[37] On December 16, 2011 Berg finally explained the altercation by stating he didn't want to go to Trick-Trick’s club since a member of his entourage had a problem with him, but somehow ended up there. "I was like 30 deep, I went in the club & I went to the back because I had the number one record at the time." He said, stating that he wanted a free bottle. "The coowner come back & he said, My partner Trick-Trick said ain’t no love for you on those bottles. I was like, your partner? Hold on. So now we’re in Trick-Trick’s club, I come to find out, the same club that I didn’t wanna go to & perform. Now, I’m in the club. I’m like 5’6, 150 pounds. I come out there and the whole club security surrounds me. They whooped my ass through the club, the security, he continued. My entourage was all around us and they were getting their asses whooped too!"[38]

On October 5, 2010 United Kingdom rapper Rowdy T announced that he had taken Yung Berg's "Batman chain" and called Yung Berg a snitch for reporting it to police.[39] But during an interview Yung Berg announced that he had done no such thing & the chain wasn't anything important to him.[40]

On March 20, 2011 during an interview Yung Berg would announce that he was done with wearing flashy jewelry stating,

On some real shit back in the day when I was buying those big ass chains and shit, I felt like that was a part of me being Yung Berg. But me growing up & being Christian, being Mr. Ward, and who I really I am, I toned down. I'm not going to be with the big gaudy chains because people would look and they would say 'Well, this nigga still ain't learn his lesson.' I learned my lesson. I'm going to have jewelry but it's going to be more upscale & common. It's not going to be catching just the nigga eye.[41]


Bow Wow[edit]

On March 25, 2008 Yung Berg released his single entitled "Do That There", which was a direct diss towards fellow rapper, Bow Wow. But during an interview, Berg stated that the two settle their differences.[42]


On July 10, 2008 Yung Berg made a controversial issue with rapper Flo Rida when speaking about his upcoming album Look What You Made Me when he stated "my album got pushed back like Flo Rida's hairline", though he later apologized for his remark stating he was just playing. Flo Rida's Poe Boy Entertainment label mate & longtime friend Brisco took offense to the remark stating "You talking too much, Imma beat yo lil red ass".[43] On March 7, 2008 Yung Berg insulted Miami rapper Brisco on a video podcast.[44]

Teairra Marí[edit]

On February 21, 2012 during an interview, singer Teairra Marí stated that she did not like Yung Berg & would get Yung Berg ambushed again due to comments made by Yung Berg about her during one of his interviews.[45] On May 10, 2012 during a recent interview Yung Berg spoked about the situation stating "On the Teairra situation, first & foremost, I did the interview with The Breakfast Club in 2011, & I left that in 2011," he said in an interview. "After I did the interview, I called Ray J & I said, 'Yo, this is what I talked about in my interview,' because I spoke candidly about our relationship and I felt my loyalty is to Ray, it's not nowhere near to Teairra. I don't even know her like that, and at the end of the day, why are we gonna go back and forth about how you tried to holla at know what you did...I've got bigger things to worry about than being trivial over some pussy, especially when there's so much pussy out there. I've been called worse by better people than her".

In 2014 during the first season of the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, it would reveal that Yung Berg & Marí had resolved their former issues towards each other. Later in the season, he produced her song "Deserve".


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Year Film Role Notes
2014 Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Himself Recurring Cast


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