Yunggimun pottery

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Yunggimun pottery
Hangul 융기문토기
Revised Romanization Yunggimun Togi
McCune–Reischauer Yunggimun T'oki

Yunggimuntogi, or yunggimun pottery is the oldest type of Korean pottery.[1] The name literally means "raised-design pottery";[2] it has also been called "pre-slant earthenware".[3] Dated to circa 5,000 BCE, yunggimun pottery were flat-bottomed wares decorated with relief designs, raised horizontal lines and other impressions.[1]

This style of pottery is characterized by pinched, raised decoration, plain raised and raised and impressed lines.[2]

This style of pottery has been found in northeast Korea[2] in addition to other regions. Some sites at which yunggimun pottery have been found include Sangdeado, Osan-ri and Dongsam-dong.[4]

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