Yungoos and Gumshoos

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Yungoos and Gumshoos
Pokémon series character
Yungoos and Gumshoos.png
Yungoos (bottom) and Gumshoos (top)
National Pokédex
Toucannon - Yungoos (#734) - Gumshoos (#735) - Grubbin
First gamePokémon Sun and Moon
Designed byDesigner unknown, finalized by Ken Sugimori
Voiced byKaito Ishikawa (Anime)

Yungoos (/ˈjʌŋɡs/), known in Japan as Youngoose (ヤングース, Yangūsu), and Gumshoos (/ˈɡʌmʃz/), known in Japan as Dekagoose (デカグース, Dekagūsu), are two Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise, debuting in the 2016 Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Moon. They are common Pokémon found in the Alola Region and appear as part of the player's first Island Trial in Sun. Their designs draw inspiration from the small Asian mongoose, a real-world invasive species found in Hawaii. Upon reveal of their design, fans noted similarities to the hairstyle of then-United States presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Design and characteristics[edit]

The designs of Yungoos and Gumshoos draw inspiration from the small Asian mongoose (pictured).

Yungoos and Gumshoos are mongoose-like Pokémon that parallel the real-world small Asian mongoose.[1][2] An invasive species to Alola Region of Pokémon Sun and Moon, they were brought in to control Rattata and Raticate populations.[2] This mirrors the introduction of the small Asian mongoose to Hawaii, which the Alola Region is based on, in 1883 to control rat populations on plantations.[3] Ultimately, the introduction of Yungoos to Alola caused Rattata and Raticate to become nocturnal, resulting in a divergent Dark-type form unique to the Alola Region while the Yungoos remained active only during the day.[4]

Yungoos are known for being voracious eaters with the majority of their elongated body devoted to their stomach—they are almost constantly hungry and become angry when not eating.[5] Once satiated, the Pokémon will fall asleep standing.[2] At level 20, Yungoos are able to evolve into the larger Gumshoos.[6] Gumshoos are considerably more patient than Yungoos and will learn the patterns of their prey. At night they tend to sleep standing upright.[7] The name "Gumshoos" is derived from gumshoes, a slang term for a detective.[8] Both Pokémon can have the abilities "Strong Jaw" or "Stakeout". The former powers-up all biting moves, while the latter—a newly introduced ability unique to the two Pokémon—doubles the power of their attacks if used on a Pokémon that is just switched in.[7]


In the video games[edit]

Yungoos and Gumshoos are common Pokémon in Sun and Moon, appearing on several routes in the early game and being utilized by multiple trainers.[9] Yungoos specifically is the traditional early-game Normal-type Pokémon that is available to the player on the first route.[2] In Sun, they serve as the main Pokémon for Ilima's trial on Melemele Island, with Gumshoos being the Totem challenge. Once defeated, the player is awarded the Normalium-Z, enabling them to use Normal-type Z-moves.[10] Later in the games, a Yungoos is stolen by Team Skull as a diversion to obtain Cosmog.

Other media[edit]

In the Sun & Moon anime series, three Yungoos make its debut appearance in the series' first episode, Alola to New Adventure!, under the ownership of a Team Skull grunt named Zip.[11] Ash Ketchum battles a Yungoos and Gumshoos as part of his Island Trial in To Top a Totem!. A different Gumshoos is later caught by Officer Jenny that same episode.[12] Yungoos makes an appearance in the Sun & Moon chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Donald Trump comparison[edit]

Following the reveal of Yungoos at E3 2016, many social media users quickly compared the Pokémon to then United States presidential candidate Donald Trump. The Pokémon's appearance and demeanor is said to resemble Trump,[1] particularly the hair on top of its head which resembles Trump's hairstyle. The resemblance led to numerous memes on the subject, including "Make Alola Great Again", a play on Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again".[13] Others likened Yungoos to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.[1] Junichi Masuda, composer and director for the Pokémon franchise, denied any claims that Yungoos and Gumshoos drew any inspiration from Trump, "we had started the design of this Pokémon a long time back, and we didn’t have any intention to make it look like Donald Trump."[14]

Following the release of Sun and Moon, numerous players sent and received Yungoos nicknamed "Donald Trump", "Trump", "Drumpf", etc. through the game's Wonder Trade system. Gita Jackson of Kotaku Australia suggested that players were attempting to mock Trump by sending these nicknamed Pokémon out.[9]


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