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YunoHost logo
Screenshot of YunoHost GUI 2.0
Screenshot of YunoHost web user interface
OS family Unix-like Debian GNU/Linux
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Initial release March 2012; 6 years ago (2012-03)
Latest release 3.0 / June 17, 2018; 59 days ago (2018-06-17)
Available in English, French,Occitan,Arabic,Dutch,Portuguese
Update method APT
Package manager dpkg
Platforms i386, AMD64, PowerPC, ARM
Kernel type Monolithic: Linux
Userland GNU
Default user interface Web interface
License Free software licenses
(mainly AGPL) and other licenses
Official website

YunoHost is a Debian GNU/Linux based distribution packaged with free software that automates the installation of a personal web server. The purpose of YunoHost is to allow users to easily host their own web services by enabling a simple point-and-click web interface for installing various web apps. Currently supported apps include an email server with webmail interface, a WordPress website, an instant messaging server, a news aggregator, a file sharing server, and a seedbox, among others. The name YunoHost is a play on words on the internet meme "Y U NO".


YunoHost development began in March 2012.[citation needed]

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