Yuppi du

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Yuppi du
Yuppi du film poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byAdriano Celentano
Written byAdriano Celentano
Alberto Silvestri
StarringClaudia Mori, Adriano Celentano
CinematographyAlfio Contini
Edited byAdriano Celentano
Music byAdriano Celentano
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
120 minutes

Yuppi du is a 1975 Italian comedy film directed by Adriano Celentano. The film was presented at 1975 Cannes Film Festival.[1] and it won the award for best music at Nastri d'argento 1976.


Felice Pietà is a man of modest means who lives with his second wife, Adelaide. Together, they raise Monica, a daughter Felice had with his first wife Silvia, who had committed suicide years before for unknown reasons.

Having never really accepted the loss of Silvia, Felice decides to visit the place where she had taken her own life one last time. There, to his surprise, Silvia appears, and reveals to him that she made up her own suicide to leave him since she was tired of living in poverty with him in Venice. She reveals that she has now decided to come back because she missed her life with him. Therefore, Felice leaves Adelaide to start a new life with Silvia who he's still in love with.

Silvia decides to leave for London to clear things up with her current husband so Felice suggests bringing their daughter with her. Silvia leaves without actually coming back. Only after a few months Felice learns where Silvia and Monica live. He then reaches them in Milan, where Silvia's new rich husband emphasizes his wife's wishes to mantain her new life with the luxuries she's now used to while at the same time wanting to get her daughter back, despite the legal difficulties. At this point, Felice - using this cold market-like logic- suggests a sale by weight of Monica. Silvia's husband tries to haggle over Monica's weight, and eventually pays 45 millions for the child. On the train trip back to Venice, Felice meets a woman who looks exactly like Silvia. The silent dialogue between them takes place through the voiceovers of the characters. Felice replies to the promise of eternal love and happiness made by the woman saying he does not believe in love anymore and knows that her sole purpose is to take away his money.



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