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Yuquan Campus (simplified Chinese: 玉泉校区; traditional Chinese: 玉泉校區; pinyin: Yùquán Jiàoxiàoqū), is a campus of Zhejiang University. It's the location of former headquarters of the university. Today it also owns some administrational departments of the university. [1]


The campus is urban in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

The campus is sited on the northwest corner of the West Lake, with the Lingfeng Hill (灵峰) and Laohe Hill (老和山) on its back side and it faces to the Wushi Hill (乌石峰). It's close to the famous place of historic interest and natural beauty - Yuquan (the Jade Spring), and named after it. There's a botany garden aside, which is one of the largest in China.

The campus has a total area of 2044 mu, and a total building area close to one million m2.

Notable buildings[edit]

  • Sir Run Run Shaw Hall of Science (邵逸伕科學舘 / 邵逸夫科学馆, donated by and named after the Hong Kong media mogul Run Run Shaw)
  • Chu Kochen Building of Int'l Education (竺可楨國際教育大樓 / 竺可桢国际教育大楼, named after the former president Coching CHU, a.k.a. CHU Kochen or ZHU Kezhen)


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Coordinates: 30°15′40″N 120°07′30″E / 30.2611°N 120.1250°E / 30.2611; 120.1250