Yuraccacsa (Arequipa)

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ISS-23 Colca Valley and the Sabancaya Volcano, Peru.jpg
The Colca River and Yuraccacsa northwest of it (upper left) as seen from the ISS
Highest point
Elevation5,465 m (17,930 ft) [1]
Coordinates15°26′53″S 72°09′45″W / 15.44806°S 72.16250°W / -15.44806; -72.16250Coordinates: 15°26′53″S 72°09′45″W / 15.44806°S 72.16250°W / -15.44806; -72.16250
Language of nameQuechua
Yuraccacsa is located in Peru
LocationPeru, Arequipa Region
Parent rangeAndes, Chila

Yuraccacsa or Yuraccasa (possibly from Quechua yuraq white, q'asa mountain pass, "white mountain pass") is a 5,465-metre-high (17,930 ft) mountain in the west of the Chila mountain range in the Andes of Peru. It is located in the Arequipa Region, Castilla Province, on the border of the districts Chachas and Choco.[2] Yuraccacsa lies south of Chila, the highest mountain in the range, and Choquepirhua, southeast of Asnohuañusja and northeast of a lake named Cochapunco (possibly from Quechua for "lake reservoir") and the peaks of Cerani and Casiri.


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