Yuri Mikhailovich Steklov

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Yury Steklov on a 1973 Soviet postal stamp.

Yuri Mikhailovich Steklov (Russian: Юрий Михайлович Стеклов; born Ovshey Moiseyevich Nakhamkis; Russian: Овший Моисе́евич Наха́мкис; 27 August [O.S. 15 August] 1873, Odessa - 15 September 1941 Saratov) was a Russian revolutionary, journalist and historian.

Steklov joined the Bolshevik Party in 1903, was editor of Izvestia of the Petrograd Soviet, and was a member of the Central Committee after the Revolution.[1] He wrote biographies of Mikhail Bakunin[2] and Alexander Herzen, as well as commentary on Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Arrested in February 1938 amid the Great Purge, he died in prison. He was posthumously rehabilitated.


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  • History of the first International, London: M. Lawrence, [1928]. Translated by Cedar and Eden Paul from the 3rd Russian ed., with notes from the 4th ed.


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