Yuri Trushin

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Dr. Sci., Professor
Yuri Trushin
Трушин Юрий Владимирович.jpg
Born 14 August 1945
Leningrad, USSR
Alma mater Saint Petersburg State University
Spouse(s) Platonova Tatiana Nikolaevna
Children Trushina Natalia Yurievna
Awards Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Scientific career
Fields Semiconductor physics, Modeling of processes in multicomponent crystals
Institutions Saint Petersburg Academic University, Ioffe Institute, Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Yuri Vladimirovich Trushin (Russian: Юрий Владимирович Трушин, born 14 August 1945 in Leningrad) is Russian physicist and professor of Theoretical Physics of semiconductors. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and has been recognized as an Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.[1]


Research activity[edit]

Trushin's research interests include theory and computer modeling of physical processes, kinetics and evolution of structural defects, as well as radiation impact in multi-component crystalline materials, such as metals, semiconductors, and high-temperature materials.

He has written several books and over 250 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, Hirsch index is 11.

Served as an editorial board member of the Technical Physics Journal (Russian: Журнал технической физики).

Published books[edit]

  • Yu.V. Trushin. Problems of modern energetics. (in Russian) Leningrad, 1982, Znanie, 16 pp.
  • A.N. Orlov, Yu.V. Trushin. Point defect energies in metals. (in Russian) Moscow: Energoatomisdat, 1983, 81 pp.
  • V.V. Kirsanov, A.L. Suvorov, Yu.V. Trushin. Processes of radiation defect formation in metals. (in Russian) Moscow: Energoatomisdat, 1985, 222 pp.
  • S.N. Romanov, Yu.V. Trushin, V.I. Shtan'ko. Computer modeling of radiation processes in solid state bodies. (in Russian) Methodical directions. LTI im. Lensoveta, Leningrad, 1988, 40 pp.
  • Yu.V. Trushin. Theory of radiation processes in metal solid solutions. New York, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 1996, 405 pp.
  • Yu.V. Trushin. Course of physical basis of radiation material science. (in Russian) SPb TU, 1996, 80 pp.
  • Yu.V. Trushin. Physical Material Science. (Textbook for Technical Universities) (in Russian) St.Petersburg: Nauka, 2000, 286 pp.
  • Yu.V. Trushin. Radiation processes in multicomponent materials (theory and computer modeling). (in Russian) St.Petersburg: Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, 2002, 384 pp.
  • Yu.V. Trushin. Essays about history of physics of first half of XX century. Part.1. Becoming of quantum mechanics – basis of modern physics. (Textbook for Technical Universities) (in Russian) Academic University, series “Lectures in Academic University”, vol.2, St.Petersburg, 2012, 324 pp.
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