Yuria Kato

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Yuria Kato
Native name 加藤ゆりあ
Born (1981-08-31) August 31, 1981 (age 35)
Tokyo, Japan
Other names Yuria Katou, Yuria Katoh
Height 1.51 m (4 ft 11 in)

Yuria Kato (Japanese: 加藤ゆりあ Hepburn: Katou Yuria?) (born August 31, 1981) is a Japanese adult actress and AV idol.[1] from Tokyo, Japan. She usually plays passive roles, and her AV debut was with the Cher label in the November 2001 release Love Berry.[2]

Yuria Kato is a popular AV idol, with 23 films listed at her article in Japanese Wikipedia, and more than two dozen media items (including VHS tapes and DVDs) available at amazon.co.jp. (Another dealer lists her appearance in 35 individual DVD titles.)

Partial videography[edit]

  • LOVE BERRY (Cher November 2001)
  • CHER BEST SELECTION(7) (Cher 1/24/2003)
  • Famiresupati (TMA, 6/28/2002)
  • Love 2 (Cher 3/29/2002)
  • Love Love (9/15/2003)
  • OmaXko! Shite vol. 19
  • Premium Best Vol. 9; Katou Yuria Part 2
  • Premium Best (5) Katou Yuria
  • Katou Yuria Collection


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