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Yuriko Shiratori (白鳥 百合子, Shiratori Yuriko, born April 29, 1983 in Sendai) was a Japanese gravure idol, tarento artist and actress[1] Formerly affiliated to the A-Team Entertainment Production Agency. `


  • April 2004 - Graduates Sendai Vocational School and moves to the capital, hoping to become an actress, where she works part-time at sport shops, supermarkets and video rental stores. During this time she also manages to get small roles in plays and work as an event assistant.
  • April 2005 - She started taking acting and sword fighting lessons two or three times a week
  • January 11, 2006 - Yuriko opens a weblog of her own in which she chronicles her path towards becoming an idol.
  • February 2006 - Renews the contract for her Tokyo apartment and actively begins attending auditions
  • April 2006 - Is awarded the Grand Prize for the A-Team Crystal Pure Audition and effectively enrolls the agency, where she becomes a gravure model. She also makes her first public television appearance.
  • Fall 2006 - She releases her first DVD and appears as a model in the weekly tabloid magazine Shūkanshi and also the internet magazine Fashion Walker.
  • January 8, 2007 - She was featured on Tohoku Broadcasting Company's Evening News TBC show and also interviewed on the Jaikeru Makuson variety program (named after the way the producer's mother said Michael Jackson's name)
  • January 28, 2007 - Yuriko is chosen to star as the heroine of the Kamen Rider Den-O tokusatsu series, marking her nationwide debut as an actress. However, she had to be replaced in July of that year due to health problems which were said to be caused by overwork.
  • February 3, 2007 - She held a public event to commemorate the release of her second DVD "Face", with an attendance of approximately 220 people, including prominent names in the idol industry.
  • February 1, 2013 - Announced her retirement from the entertainment industry.


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