White Jade River

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Yurungkash River
White Jade River, Baiyu River
Collecting jade in the White Jade River near Khotan.jpg
Collecting jade in the White Jade River near Khotan in 2011
Native name玉龙喀什河  (Chinese)
Physical characteristics
SourceKunlun Mountains
 ⁃ coordinates35°36′N 81°24′E / 35.6°N 81.4°E / 35.6; 81.4
MouthHotan River
 ⁃ coordinates
38°05′24″N 80°56′08″E / 38.090°N 80.935417°E / 38.090; 80.935417Coordinates: 38°05′24″N 80°56′08″E / 38.090°N 80.935417°E / 38.090; 80.935417
Basin size14,575 km2 (5,627 sq mi)
 ⁃ average72.3 cubic metres per second (2,550 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionHotanTarimTaitema Lake
White Jade River
Chinese name
Alternative Chinese name
Uyghur name
Uyghurيورۇڭقاش دەرياسى

The White Jade River, also known by the native names Baiyu or Yurungkash, is a river in the southern Xinjiang region of China.[1]

The head waters of the river rise in the Kunlun Mountains, in the area of Aksai Chin in Kashmir in the Togatax area (35°36′N 81°24′E / 35.6°N 81.4°E / 35.6; 81.4). The river flows east for some 200 km and then north for another 200 km before passing through Khotan, China (37°07′N 79°58′E / 37.11°N 79.97°E / 37.11; 79.97).[1] In Khotan, the river has yielded white river rocks which are also known as nephrite jade.[1] [2]

North of Khotan, it eventually dries up in the Taklamakan desert, its seasonal bed joined by that of the Black Jade River (Karakash River) near Koxlax (some 200 km north of Khotan, 38°05′N 80°34′E / 38.08°N 80.56°E / 38.08; 80.56), from where it continues north as the Hotan River, which flows into the Tarim River. The river drains an area of 14,575 km2 (5,627 sq mi) and has a discharge of 72.3 cubic metres per second (2,550 cu ft/s).

The river gets its name from the white jade that is often found in its alluvial deposits. The jade can also however be found in semi-shallow areas of the river.[citation needed].


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