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Yury Buida, 2011

Yury Vasilyevich Buida (Russian: Юрий Васильевич Буйда) (born 1954) is a Russian author. He was born in Znamensk in the Kaliningrad region of Russia.[1] In 1994 his novel The Zero Train was shortlisted for the Russian Booker Prize.[2] His short story collection The Prussian Bride won the Apollon Grigoriev Prize in 1999, and its translation by Oliver Ready won the Rossica Translation Prize in 2005.[3]

In his novel The Prussian Bride and to a lesser extent in the novella Königsberg, Buida explores the theme of the "complex attitudes of the Russian residents of the Kaliningrad region to the Prussian past".[4]

English translations[edit]

  • The Zero Train, (novel), Dedalus, 2001.
  • The Prussian Bride, (novel), Dedalus, 2002.
  • Sinbad the Sailor, (story), from Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida, Penguin Classics, 2006.
  • More and More Angels and The Samurai's Dream, (stories), from 50 Writers: An Anthology of 20th Century Russian Short Stories, Academic Studies Press, 2011.


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