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Yury Ignatyevich Mukhin (Russian: Ю́рий Игна́тьевич Му́хин, born March 22, 1949) is a Russian political activist and author sentenced in Moscow to a suspended prison term of two years in 2008 for public calls for extremist activity.[1] He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute in 1973. In 1995–2009 Mukhin was editor in chief of the Russian publication Duel. Mukhin is the leader of the People's Will Army (Армия Воли Народа) - a private organization advocating for constitutional changes in the Constitution of the Russian federation and for the adoption of legislation establishing the direct responsibility of the President and of the Federal Assembly of Russia for their activities. Mukhin is the main proponent in Russia of the denial of the Soviet responsibility for the Katyn massacre.[2][3][4] Mukhin is also a supporter of the "Putin must go" campaign and his website encourages other Russians to support the petition for Putin's, as well as current President Dmitry Medvedev's, resignation from power.[5]

Muhkin believes that Nazism was simply a response to Zionism, and that Zionists were responsible for the Holocaust:

Once again I would like to remind the readers that the founding fathers of Zionism were fanatics, i.e. people not thinking of the future of Jews, but Israelis. Those of the Jews, who did not agree with Zionist objectives, were seen as worse than non- Jews—they were nothing else than garbage and their lives were nothing in the eyes of the Zionists. I have no doubts whatsoever, that during the course of World War II, the Germans did not exterminate the Jews on their own initiative, but were instigated to do so by the Zionists.[6]

Mukhin's writings have been described as antisemitic by the Russian "Agency for Jewish News" ("Агентство Еврейских Новостей").[7]

In December 2008 the Zamoskvoretzky District Court of Moscow (Замоскворецкий районный суд Москвы) issued an order to shut down the newspaper and on June 18 Mukhin himself was sentenced to a suspended prison term of two years for public calls for extremist activity.[1] This happened one year after a previous attempt to shut down the newspaper failed, following an appeal in the Greater Moscow District Court.[8]

In May 2009, Mukhin along with many other publicists, historians and human rights activists, welcomed the creation of the Historical Truth Commission.[9]

He has also supported Moon landing conspiracy theories[10][11] and KAL 007 shootdown conspiracy theories.[12]


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