Yuseong Foot Spa

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Yuseong Foot Spa
Yuseong Foot Spa at Night.jpg
Yuseong Foot Spa at night
TypePublic Hot Spring
LocationYuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
Coordinates36°21′18″N 127°20′46″E / 36.3550°N 127.3460°E / 36.3550; 127.3460
OpenedOctober 5, 2007
Yuseong Foot Spa
Revised RomanizationYuseong Oncheon
McCune–ReischauerYusŏng Onch'ŏn

Yusong Foot Spa (Korean유성온천) is a public natural hotspring located in an urban park in Yuseong-gu, a district of Daejeon Metropolitan City, South Korea. The foot spa is open year-round, 24 hours a day and is free to the public.[1] The park features fountains, streams, colorful lighting, a water wheel, and a vending machine for towels, and is well frequented by locals.

According to the Korean language signboard posted on the site, the Yusong Foot Spa opened October 5, 2007. The foot spa consists of a series of outdoor “wading pools” approximately 10 inches (30 cm) deep. The main pool has an irregular outline 60 feet (15 m) long and averaging roughly 4 feet (1 m) wide between edges finished with stones and benches allowing visitors and passersby to sit while dabbling their feet in the water. Parts of the bottom are lined with smooth rock and pebble to provide a foot massage to those strolling through the water. A gazebo covers one end of the wading pool.

According to the signboard beside the foot spa, the spring's waters originate between 215 and 450 meters deep and have various minerals. The water temperature is variable and rather high, ranging from 41 degrees to 57 degrees Celsius.

A small photograph and a short paragraph on the topic may be found at the Yusong City website.

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