Yushima Tenman-gū

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Yushima Tenman-gū Shrine (湯島天満宮) is a Shinto shrine in Tokyo, Japan devoted to Tenjin, the Kami of Learning. It is located in the Bunkyo ward of Tokyo, not far from the University of Tokyo, and is a frequent site of prospective students hoping to pass the entrance exams there in April. At this time, the temple receives many offerings of ema votives to petition the kami for success at exams.

Built in 458 for another kami, Ameno-tajikaraono-mikoto (天手力雄命?) of Japanese myth associated with strength and sports, the shrine was then expanded in 1355 to enshrine the kami Tenjin as well. Currently both kami are enshrined at this temple. The shrine was later rebuilt in 1455 at the behest of local warlord Ota Dokan, and enjoyed greater popularity during the Edo Period when it was visited by such Confucian scholars as Hayashi Doshun and Arai Hakuseki.

Due to Tenjin's frequent association with plum trees, Yushima Tenmangu maintains an extensive grove of plum trees, and holds a yearly festival called ume matsuri (梅祭り?) in February or March depending on when the trees bloom.



Coordinates: 35°42′28″N 139°46′6″E / 35.70778°N 139.76833°E / 35.70778; 139.76833