Yusof Haslam

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Yusof Haslam
يوسف حسلام
Md. Yusof bin Md. Haslam

(1954-04-24) 24 April 1954 (age 70)
Other namesDYH
EducationSMK Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur
Occupation(s)Actor, film director, screenwriter, producer
Years active1972–present
Raja Noor Saadah Sahehuddin
(m. 1978; div. 1980)
Datin Fatimah Ismail
(m. 1982)
Children4, including Syamsul and Syafiq

Md. Yusof bin Md. Haslam (born 24 April 1954) is a Malaysian actor, film director and producer.[1] He is best known for his longest-running police procedural drama series Gerak Khas, a TV series that he created, directed and produced, that then led to the production of three feature films. The immense popularity of his films had led him to be nicknamed the "Six Million Dollar Man".

His legacy in entertainment showbiz is now carried by his two sons, Syamsul and Syafiq. Yusof also has his own television and film production company, Skop Productions, where he served as the managing director.

Early life and film career[edit]

Yusof was born on 24 April 1954 in Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur to housewife Bahyah Talib and lorry driver Md. Haslam Khan.[citation needed] He is a fourth child from among seven siblings who together lived in a house in the squatter settlement.[2] He received his education at the SMK Aminuddin Baki in Kuala Lumpur.

He became enamoured with movies through his experiences seeing Hollywood westerns and Bollywood films—with the latter, he considered one of the stars Shashi Kapoor as his acting idol. Yusof thus decided that he would become an actor, much to objections by his father who believed that the entertainment scene held no future prospects.[2]

Yusof took up profession as a bus conductor,[3] but he also secretly attended acting auditions. He began his involvement in acting by playing an extra character in Laksamana Do Re Mi in 1972, as match spectators. It would only be until in 1975 that he would take a leading main role through the film Permintaan Terakhir.[2]

Directing career[edit]

He began directing films in 1991 with Bayangan Maut, a mystery action thriller film starring rock singer Ella. This was later followed by Pemburu Bayang in 1993, Sembilu in 1994, best-selling blockbuster film, Maria Mariana in 1996 plus its sequel two years after among others.

Apart from film and television, he is also a managing director of his production company, Skop Productions which he had established since 1985. The company has four subsidiaries – Haslam Trading (restaurant), Haslam Properties (real estate and properties), Skop Publishing (print publications) and ME Communications (post-production facilities).

He was awarded the Ahli Mangku Negara in 1993 and the Panglima Jasa Negara in 2001, which carries the title of Dato', for his contributions to Malaysian cinema.

Personal life[edit]

Yusof married twice. His first marriage was with Raja Noor Saadah Salehuddin in 1978 and divorced in 1980, they have no children.[citation needed] He later married Fatimah Ismail in 1982. They have four children namely Faizal, Syamsul, Shamin and Syafiq. Syamsul and Syafiq[4] themselves are also actor and film directors.[5][6]


Denotes film/dramas that have not yet been released

Feature films[edit]

Year Title Credited as Role Notes
Actor Director Writer Producer
1972 Laksamana Do Re Mi Yes No No No Match spectators First appearance, extra character
1975 Permintaan Terakhir Yes No No No Idham
Jiwa Remaja Yes No No No Yusof
1976 Loceng Maut Yes No No No Tok Penghulu
Sayang Anakku Sayang Yes No No No
Cinta dan Lagu Yes No No No Malek
1979 Tiada Esok Bagimu Yes No No No Amir
1980 Detik 12 Malam Yes No No No Remie
1981 Ribut Barat Yes No No No Adnan
Jejak Bertapak Yes No No No
Bukit Kepong[7] Yes No No No MM Jaafar Hassan
1982 Sikit Punya Gila Yes No No No Abang Yusof
Senja Merah Yes No No No Anuar
Penentuan Yes No No No Hafsham
1983 Mekanik Yes No No No The Head of the Mafia
1984 Di Ambang Kasih Yes No No No Rusdi
Melati Putih Yes No No No Hisyam
Jauh Di Sudut Hati Yes No No No
1987 Rahsia Yes No No No Dato' Karim
Wira Angkasa Yes No No No Yusof
1990 Driving School Yes No No No Dato' Zahlol
1991 Juara Yes No No No Joe Martino
Bayangan Maut Yes Yes Yes Yes ASP Razlan
Harry Boy Yes No No No
Shakila Yes No No No Zahari
1993 Pemburu Bayang Yes Yes Yes Yes Ramon
Balada Yes No No No Sunny
1994 Sembilu No Yes Yes Yes
1995 Sembilu II No Yes Yes Yes
1996 Maria Mariana No Yes Yes Yes
Tragedi Oktober No No Yes Yes
1997 Gemilang No Yes Story Yes
1998 Maria Mariana II No Yes Yes Yes
1999 Bara No Yes Yes Yes
2000 Pasrah No Yes Yes Yes
2001 Gerak Khas The Movie Yes Yes Yes Yes DSP Helmi
2002 Gerak Khas The Movie II Yes Yes Yes Yes SUPT Helmi
Mr. Cinderella No No No Yes
2003 Janji Diana No Yes Yes Yes
Mr. Cinderella 2 No No No Yes
Gila-Gila Pengantin No No No Yes
MX3 No No No Yes
2004 Gila-Gila Pengantin Remaja No No No Yes
2005 GK3 The Movie Yes Yes Yes Yes SUPT Helmi
Gila-Gila Pengantin Popular Yes No No Yes Audition Jury
Sembilu 2005 No Yes Yes Yes
Pontianak Menjerit No No No Yes
2008 Evolusi KL Drift No No No Yes
2009 Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam No No No Yes
2010 Evolusi KL Drift 2 No No No Yes
2011 Khurafat: Perjanjian Syaitan No No No Yes
KL Gangster No No No Yes
Aku Bukan Tomboy No No Story Yes
2012 Jalan Kembali: Bohsia 2 No No No Yes
SAM: Saya Amat Mencintaimu No No No Yes
2013 Gangster Celop No No No Yes
KL Gangster 2 No No No Yes
2014 Abang Long Fadil No No No Yes
2015 Villa Nabila No No No Yes
2016 Mat Moto No No No Yes
Munafik No No No Yes
Desolasi No No No Yes
2017 Abang Long Fadil 2 Yes No No Yes Himself
KL Wangan Yes No No No Chief of Police
2018 KL Special Force No No No Yes
Munafik 2 No No No Yes
Tangisan Akinabalu Yes No No No DSP Ranau
Operasi X Yes No No No Dato' Mokhtar
2019 Misteri Dilaila No No No Yes
Rise to Power: KLGU No No No Yes Also as executive producer
Banglo No 99 Yes No No No Tengku Izzuddin Shah
2020 Bulan dan Pria Terhebat No No No Yes As associate producer
2021 Penunggang Agama No No No Yes
Mat Bond Malaya Yes No No No Ejen 1
Penunggang Agama 2 No No No Yes
Siapa Tutup Lampu? Yes No No No Dr. Ali
Tarantula X Yes No No No Dr. Yusof Enstein
2022 Abang Long Fadil 3 Yes No No Yes Film director
2023 Harun Malam No No No Yes As executive producer
Polis Evo 3 No No No Yes
Budak Flat No No No Yes
2024 Sheriff No No Story Yes
Telekenisis No No No Yes Post-production
2025 Game Of Life No No No Yes Pre-production
TBA Sekolahaha No No No Yes In development
Munafik 3 No No No Yes

Television series[edit]

Year Title Credited as Role TV channel Notes
Actor Director Creator Producer
1983–1984 PJ Holdings Yes No No No Jamil TV1
1985/86 Remang-Remang Kotaraya (S1- S2) Yes Yes Yes Yes ASP Alif
1987/88 Harimau Rimba (S1-S2) Yes Yes Yes Yes Leftenan Jantan
1988 Disebalik Ombak Yes Yes Yes Yes Inspector
1989/90/91 Debu-Debu Kotaraya (S1-S3) Yes Yes Yes Yes ASP Jefri
1991 Metro Skuad Yes Yes Yes Yes ACP Osman Salleh
1992 Detik Metropolitan Yes Yes Yes Yes ASP Chief Unit Operation
1993 Roda Roda Kotaraya (Season 1) Yes Yes Yes Yes ASP Razlan
1994 Roda Roda Kotaraya (Season 2) Yes Yes Yes Yes DSP Razlan
1995 Skuad Khas Yes Yes Yes Yes DSP
1998–1999, 2008–2013 Roda-Roda Kuala Lumpur No No Yes Yes TV1, TV2
1999–2011, 2014–2021 Gerak Khas Yes Yes Yes Yes DCP Datuk Helmi TV1, TV2, TV3 Co-director
2000 Maria Mariana The Series No Yes Yes Yes TV3
2004–2005 Sembilu No Yes Yes Yes TV2
2005 Meniti Bara No Yes Yes Yes
2005–2007 Sembilu Kasih No Yes Yes Yes TV3
2006 Janji Diana No Yes Yes Yes TV2
2007 Air Mata Maria No Yes No Yes TV3
2008 Farah Syakira No Yes No Yes TV2
2009–2011 Si Capik No Yes Yes Yes
2011 Serapah Darah Bulan Madu No No No Yes Astro Prima
Khurafat The Series No No No Yes Astro Ria
2012–2013 Metro Skuad No No Yes Yes TV2
2012–2013 Evolusi KL Drift: The Series No No No Yes
2013 Sopi Sekuriti No Yes No Yes Astro Warna
2014 Jalan Kembali No Yes No Yes TV2 Adaptation from the back Jalan Kembali: Bohsia 2. First acting Hafiz Hamidun
Siri Bercapkap Dengan Jin (Season 1) No Yes No Yes Astro Mustika HD
Tanah Kubur (Season 9) Yes No No No Yusof Astro Oasis Episode: "Qasaf"
2015 Tanah Kubur (Season 11) Yes No No No Johan Episode: "Aku Ceraikan Kamu, Kamu, Kamu, Kamu"
Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin (Season 2) No Yes No Yes Astro Prima
2015–2016 Cinta Dari Marikh No No No Yes TV2
2017 Dia Bidadariku No No No Yes Astro Ria
My Darling, Inspektor Daniel No No No Yes
2018 Sejadah Untuk Dia No No No Yes Astro Oasis
KL Gangster: Underworld No No No Yes Iflix
Mata Ketiga No No No Yes Tonton
2020 KL Gangster: Underworld 2 No No No Yes Iflix, WeTV
2021 Single Terlalu Lama Yes No No No Datuk TV3
Diva Popular Yes No No No Awesome TV
2021–2022 Gerak Khas Undercover No No No Yes TV3
2022 Kuasa No No No Yes Astro Citra
2023 Special Force: Anarchy No No No Yes Disney+ Hotstar As executive producer
Persepsi No No No Yes Astro Ria


Year Title Credited as Role TV channel
Actor Director Producer
1976 Madu Beracun Yes No No Shamsul TV1
1986 Rumah Maut Yes No No
1998 Tirai Kasih No No Yes Astro Ria
2000 Sebalik Bayangan Yes No No TV3
2012 Asmara Beijing No Yes Yes Astro Citra


Year Program Role TV channel
2013 Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013 Himself (permanent judge) Astro Mustika HD
2014 1Malaysia Ikon[8] Himself RTM
Hlive: Apa Khabar Malaysia Himself (guest) Astro Ria
2017 Konsert Gegar Vaganza (Season 4) Himself (invitation jury)
2022 Master in the House Malaysia Himself (master) TV3


Honours of Malaysia[edit]

Honorary degrees[edit]

  •  Malaysia :
    • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Arts (Films) at the Open University Malaysia (2018)[10]


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