Yusuf al-Khal

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Yusuf al-Khal
يوسف الخال
Yusuf al-Khal.jpg
Yusuf al-Khal
Born (1917-12-25)December 25, 1917
Kafroun, Tartous Governorate, Syria
Died 1987
Occupation Poet

Yusuf al-Khal (Arabic: يوسف الخال‎‎; December 25, 1917 – 1987) was a Lebanese poet of Syrian descent. He made his career largely in Lebanon. He was Greek Orthodox.

With Ali Ahmad Said (a.k.a. Adonis), al-Khal founded the magazine Shi'r ("Poetry") in Beirut in 1957. [Irwin, 24] His poetry has also been recognized in Near East poetry collections. (Nye, 76)

Featured works[edit]

  • al-Khal, Yusuf. The Flag of Childhood: Poems from The Middle East. “The Deserted Well” Ed. Naomi Shihab Nye. New York: Aladdin, 1998. 76.


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