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Yusuke Chiba (チバ ユウスケ?, Chiba Yūsuke, born July 10, 1968, Japan) was the singer for the Japanese band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. He formed the side-project Rosso in 2001, and when Thee Michelle Gun Elephant disbanded in 2003 he continued with Rosso, until he started the band The Birthday in 2006.
He has been playing music nearly all his life, having taken violin lessons as a young child. He created his first band, called Trunker, when he was in high school, which disbanded when he began attending the Meiji Gakuin University where he would later meet the future members of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.[1]

Chiba has released a book of his lyrics, available only in Japan. This also includes sketches and hand-written sheets.

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