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Yusuke Kishi
Born (1959-01-03) January 3, 1959 (age 60)
Known forThe Crimson Labyrinth

Yusuke Kishi (貴志 祐介, Kishi Yūsuke, born January 3, 1959) is a Japanese author. He is a member of the Mystery Writers of Japan and the Honkaku Mystery Writers Club of Japan.[1][2]


He graduated from Kyoto University with a degree in Economics. After working for a life insurance company for several years, Kishi started his writing career as a freelancer. He has twice won the Japan Horror Novel Award and has achieved a bestselling status in Japan with multiple works adapted to the screen. The Crimson Labyrinth marks his American debut.


Kei Enomoto series[edit]

Kei Enomoto, a locksmith, solves locked room mysteries.

  • Novel
    • The Glass Hammer (硝子のハンマー, Garasu no Hammā), 2004
  • Short story collections
    • The House of Will-o'-the-Wisp (狐火の家, Kitsunebi no Ie), 2008
    • The Locked Room Murders (鍵のかかった部屋, Kagi no Kakatta Heya), 2011

Standalone novels[edit]

  • Isola: Persona 13 (十三番目の人格 ISOLA, Jūsanban-me no Jinkaku: Isora), 1996
  • Black House (黒い家, Kuroi Ie), 1997
  • Chirping of Angels (天使の囀り, Tenshi no Saezuri), 1998
  • The Crimson Labyrinth (クリムゾンの迷宮, Kurimuzon no Meikyū), released in 1999 in Japan, published in English in 2006 by Vertical
  • The Blue Flame (青の炎, Ao no Honō), 1999
  • From the New World (新世界より, Shinsekai yori), 2008
  • Lesson of the Evil (悪の教典, Aku no Kyōten), 2010
  • Dark Zone (ダークゾーン, Dāku Zōn), 2011


Japanese films
South Korean film



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