Yutorito Line

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Guideway Bus Shidami Line
OperatorNagoya GuideWay-Bus Co., Ltd.
(Nagoya Municipal Government, Development Bank of Japan, Meitetsu, JR Tokai Bus Company, MUFG Bank)
Began service23 March 2001 (2001-03-23)
Former operator(s)
EndObata Ryokuchi

Yutorīto Line (ゆとりーとライン, Yutorīto Rain) is a bus rapid transit line in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. The line is officially called Guideway Bus Shidami Line (ガイドウェイバス志段味線, Gaidowei Basu Shidami-sen). Its official nickname, Yutorīto Line, is a portmanteau of yutori (ゆとり, "relaxed") and street (ストリート, sutorīto). As such, the name is also unofficially spelt Yutreet Line. The line is owned by Nagoya Guideway Bus Company, whose name is also often used as the alternative name for the line. The whole line opened on March 23, 2001.


The line consists of the guided bus segment on a viaduct dedicated track in central Nagoya and the ordinary bus segment on public road. Vehicles go directly between the two segments. The guided bus segment runs between Ōzone, Higashi Ward and Obata Ryokuchi, Moriyama Ward. Nagoya Guideway Bus manages the guideway facilities and cars, while Nagoya Municipal Bus operates buses on the line. This is the only guided bus line in Japan. The line is legally considered as a sort of railway, like monorails or automated guideway transits in the country.

Originally Meitetsu Bus and JR Central Bus also operated buses on the line. The two operators withdrew from the line on October 1, 2009.

Basic data[edit]

The data below is about the guided bus segment.


There are 4 routes operated, each on different normal bus segments.

  • Ōzone — Obata Ryokuchi
  • Ōzone — Obata Ryokuchi — Nakashidami
  • Ōzone — Obata Ryokuchi — Shidami Science Park — Nakashidami
  • Ōzone — Obata Ryokuchi — Kōzōji


The data below is about the guided bus segment.

No. Station name Japanese Total distance Transfers Location
Y01 Ōzone 大曽根 0.0 km JR Central: Chūō Main Line
Meitetsu: Seto Line
Nagoya City Subway: Meijō Line (M12)
Higashi, Nagoya
Y02 Nagoya Dome-mae Yada ナゴヤドーム前矢田 1.0 km Nagoya City Subway: Meijō Line (M13)
Y03 Sunada-bashi 砂田橋 1.6 km Nagoya City Subway: Meijō Line (M14)
Y04 Moriyama 守山 2.7 km Meitetsu: Seto Line (unofficial at Moriyama-jieitai-mae Station) Moriyama, Nagoya
Y05 Kanaya 金屋 3.3 km
Y06 Kawamiya 川宮 4.3 km
Y07 Kawamura 川村 5.1 km
Y08 Shirasawa Keikoku 白沢渓谷 6.0 km
Y09 Obata Ryokuchi 小幡緑地 6.5 km
Through services to/from ordinary bus routes.

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