Yuwengdao Lighthouse

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Yuwengdao Lighthouse
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Yuwengdao Lighthouse is located in Taiwan
Yuwengdao Lighthouse
Location Wai'an Village, Siyu, Penghu, Taiwan
Coordinates 23°33′45″N 119°28′08″E / 23.562547°N 119.469020°E / 23.562547; 119.469020Coordinates: 23°33′45″N 119°28′08″E / 23.562547°N 119.469020°E / 23.562547; 119.469020
Year first constructed 1778 (first)
1828 (second)
Year first lit 1875 (current)
Construction Cast iron tower
Tower shape Cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern White tower, black lantern dome
Height 11 metres (36 ft)
Focal height 60.7 metres (199 ft)
Light source mains power
Range 25.1 nautical miles (46.5 km; 28.9 mi)
Characteristic L Fl (2) W 30s.
Admiralty number P4652
NGA number 13872
ARLHS number TAI-037
Managing agent Maritime and Port Bureau[1][2]

The Yuwengdao Lighthouse or Yuwongdao Lighthouse, Fisher Island Lighthouse, Yuweng Tao Lighthouse, Yu-Won Island Lighthouse, West Island Lighthouse and Xiyu Lighthouse (Chinese: 漁翁島燈塔; pinyin: Yúwēng Dǎo Dēngtǎ) is a lighthouse in Wai'an Village, Xiyu Township, Penghu County, Taiwan.[3][4]


The lighthouse was originally built in 1778 as Xiyu Station during the Guangxu Emperor reign of Taiwan, a stone tower which currently has a stele as a record. The current lighthouse was built in 1875 and painted in 1915. It was opened to the public in 1992.[5][6]


The lighthouse stands at a height of 11 meters built by round cast iron and white paint.

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