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Yuxa (Yuxa Yilan, Cyrillic: Юха елан, Tatar: Юха-кыз, Bashkort: Юха, Azerbaijanese: Yuvxa, Turkish: Yuvha), or Sly Snake, is a legendary creature that figures in Tatar folklore.[1] According to popular beliefs, every 100-year-old snake[2] is transformed into Yuxa. In fairy tales, Yuxa is described as a beautiful damsel who would marry men in order to beget offspring.

Yuxa sometimes spelled Yuha, is a legendary creature with a dragon's head, which may be said to breathe fire or possess a venomous bite, a reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. It can turn into handsome young men and beautiful young women to seduce, protect or terrify the people around them as their whim dictates.

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