Yuxarı Buzqov

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Yuxarı Buzqov
Yuxarı Buzqov is located in Azerbaijan
Yuxarı Buzqov
Yuxarı Buzqov
Coordinates: 39°31′25″N 45°21′55″E / 39.52361°N 45.36528°E / 39.52361; 45.36528Coordinates: 39°31′25″N 45°21′55″E / 39.52361°N 45.36528°E / 39.52361; 45.36528
Country  Azerbaijan
Autonomous republic Nakhchivan
Rayon Babek
Population (2005)[citation needed]
 • Total 161
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)

Yuxarı Buzqov (also, Yukhari-Buzgov and Yukhary Buzgov) is a village and municipality in the Babek Rayon of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. It is located 45 km in the north from the district center, on the bank of the Buzqov River (tributary of Jahri River), on the south slope of the Daralayaz ridge. Its population is busy with gardening, beekeeping and animal husbandry. There are secondary school, club and mosque in the village. It has a population of 161.[1]


The components of “buz” in the area names of Shahbuz, Buzqov in the territory of Nakhchivan comes from “bus” tribes, one of the tribes of the Medes. "Buz", "bus" as well as "bos" is "boz oğ" (gray arrow) which is considered a main branch of Oghuz Turks. Yet in the first centuries of millenium and early middle ages, the name of Turkic tribes which settled in Nakhchivan as Turkesh, Pechenegs, Kangars, Az, Ahura, Shada, Yaychi, Karabakhlar, Garachug, Gyzylja and other tribes are reflected in geographical names of Nakhchivan which a part of them are encountered in epos of the "Book of Dede Korkut".[2]


Since the beginning of the Nagorno-Karabakh War, the Armenians have repeatedly attacked this village. But every time, their attacks were successfully prevented by the Azerbaijan Army. National Hero of Azerbaijan Mirasgar Seyidov[1] has died in the one of the battles for the village. The library building, public buildings and residential houses have been destroyed by the artillery shells in the Yuxarı Buzgov.[3]

Historical and archaeological monuments[edit]


Buzgov - the place of residence of the Bronze Age near the Yuxarı Buzgov village of Babek rayon. Its area is about 3 hectares. The research works have been carried out for the first time by the Nakhchivan archaeological expedition. The cultural layer in the thick of 2 m consists of the ash layers of soil mixture; the remains of the small horned animal bones, fragments of pottery of different shapes have been found from here. At the result of the archaeological researches from the settlement were discovered plates painted in the red and gray colored (some of them decorated with ornaments scratching wavy and straight line), tools made of flint and obsidian, graters, pestles and etc., samples of the material culture. The materials obtained from the Buzgov settlement belongs to the 2nd millennium BC.[1]

Buzgov Necropolis[edit]

Buzgov Necropolis - the archaeological monument of the Bronze Age near the Yuxarı Buzgov village of Babek rayon. It consists from the stone-type box graves. Some of them were destroyed at the result of the erosion. The tombs, mostly were oriented from east to west, and some of them from north to south; beside of them have been built 2 or 3 large slab of stone, and by head and foot 1, sometimes 2. The materials which were found consists of the products of clay pot in gray colored and plates painted in monochrome. The monument is belongs to the 2nd millennium BC.[1]