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Hazrat Youza Asaf, Youza Asaph, Youza Asouph, Yuz Asaf, Yuzu Asaf, Yuzu Asif, or Yuzasaf, (Urdu: یوﺿﺍ ﺂﺼِﻓ ) (Hebrew Yasu Asaf: gatherer) was a saint [1] and preacher, whose shrine, the Roza Bal, is located in Srinagar, Kashmir. Local residents at the shrine believe he was a Muslim Sufi saint[2]

According to Tarikh-i-Kashmir, a history of Kashmir written between 1579-1620, Yuzu Asaf was a Prophet of God who travelled to Kashmir from a foreign land.[citation needed]

Yuz Asaf is considered by some[3], (most notably the Ahmadiyya movement) to be the name that Jesus of Narareth assumed following his crucifixion and migration from Israel[4]. These views however are considered to be heretical and highly controversial by Sunni Islamic scholars and authorities.[5]

In 1747 CE, a local Srinagar Sufi writer, Khwaja Muhammad Azam Didamari, stated that the Roza Bal is a shrine to a foreign prophet and prince, Youza Asouph.[6]

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