Yvan Rodic

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Yvan Rodic
Yvan Rodic Aka Face Hunter January 2013 At Stockholm Fashion Week.PNG
Stockholm Fashion Week 2013 January ]
Born 1977
Vevey Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Education Communication
Occupation Streetstyle Photographers & Blogger
Known for Face Hunter A.k.A Yvan Rodic

Yvan Rodic also known as FaceHunter, is a Swiss street style-photographer who travels the world photographing people at cultural events and fashion events. In February 2006, he began posting the results online and since then he's contributed to brands like Armani, Esprit and Volvo. He published two books FaceHunter (2010)and A Year in The Life of FaceHunter (2013) (published by Thames & Hudson).



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