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Yves Bot
Advocate General of the European Court of Justice
Assumed office
7 October 2006
Personal details
Born 22 August 1947
Château-Thierry, France
Nationality French
Profession Lawyer, Judge

Yves Bot (born August 22, 1947) is a French magistrate and currently serves as Advocate General at the European Court of Justice.

In 1995, Yves Bot was nominated by Jacques Toubon, then Minister of Justice, as prosecutor of Nanterre.[citation needed] He directed the courthouse of Le Mans and worked as a counsellor to Pierre Méhaignerie at the Ministry of Justice.

Between October 2002 and October 2004, he was procureur (head of the prosecution) of the Paris Court of large claims (Tribunal de grande instance). Between October 2004 and October 2006, he was procureur général (head of the prosecution and supervisor of the prosecutors of lower courts) of the Paris Court of Appeals, and as such one of the most important members of the French prosecution service. Since 2006 he is Advocate General at the European Court of Justice.[1]

His views on stem cell research have met vigorous disagreement from some medical professionals and some sufferers from diseases that might be treated using stem cell technology, as they consider his proposal that patenting of stem-cell based medicine should be banned to protect "human dignity" a threat to the commercial viability of stem-cell research, and a consequent threat to the health of sufferers of diseases that might be treated using stem-cell based medicine.[2]

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