Yves Chaland

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Yves Chaland
Born April 3, 1957
Lyon, France
Died July 18, 1990(1990-07-18) (aged 33)
Nationality French
Area(s) artist, writer
Notable works
Bob Fish
Adolphus Claar
Freddy Lombard
Awards full list

Yves Chaland (April 3, 1957 in Lyon, France – July 18, 1990, France (car accident))[1] was a French cartoonist.

During the 1980s, together with Luc Cornillon, Serge Clerc and Floc'h, he launched the Atomic style, a stylish remake of the Marcinelle School in Franco-Belgian comics.


Chaland's "Retro-Spirou" in Les aventures de Spirou (1982)

Chaland published his first strips in the fanzine Biblipop when he was 17. During his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Saint-Etienne, he created his own fanzine, L'Unité de Valeur, in 1976, with Luc Cornillon.[2]

In 1978, he met writer/editor Jean-Pierre Dionnet, and they collaborated on features published in the Franco-Belgian comics magazines Métal Hurlant and Ah Nana. These pastiches of 50s comics have been collected in the album Captivant.

He then created the characters of Bob Fish, Adolphus Claar, Freddy Lombard, and Le Jeune Albert, a scamp character living in the Marolles, a working-class area of Brussels. Yves Chaland, was approached to draw an adventure of Spirou et Fantasio, appearinging in half-page installments of the weekly Spirou magazine. Done in a retro 50s style similar to his influences Jijé and André Franquin, both former artists on the Spirou feature. The unfinished story has been collected in the album Spirou et Fantasio – Hors Série, No. 4 (Dupuis, 2003).

He also did many advertising illustration commissions in his crisp, clean, "retro-modern" cartoon style.

Books published in English[edit]

As with many Franco-Belgian comics, Chaland's works have had limited publication in English. The complete Freddy Lombard series was released in the two volume Chaland Anthology. These were the only two released in English (in both paper and hardback, in 2003), while 4 volumes were released in French, containing his complete comic strip works for Métal Hurlant. (Chaland – L'Intégrale).

A Magazine contribute to the knowledge of Chaland's artwork, The Journal of Freddy's friends is also available in English.

  • Le Journal des Amis de Freddy No. 1, editing by Club des Amis de Freddy in 2008, issue No. 2 in 2010, issue N°3 in 2012.

Partial bibliography[edit]

Cover of Spirou, April 1982, by Chaland
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  • 1982 : Best Comic at the Prix Saint-Michel, Belgium
  • 1984 : Betty Boop of the best comics of the year for The Elephant Graveyard in Hyères


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